Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Hundred Things ..... Anonymous

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. Just want Kathleen Bade to give me a second glance.

2. I long for the Upper Midwest but live in Ohio – live through siblings all over the North Country – visit often.

3. I have been alone for 17 years personally, but am always surrounded by people. Anyone with me would have to understand that we have no privacy, but we can be wonderful to everyone.

4. I started on TV when I was 17, this will be my 45th year doing what I love – weather on TV – it is a hobby and I am never bored.

5. My God reason for being an exposed person is to be the person anyone can come too when they have a problem. No matter what, I will help.

6. I rescued a total stranger with cerebral palsy from a nursing home and put him into his own apartment and gave him a life until he died last year. For a decade I was his only family.

7. Work janitor could not get to work – I got him a car.

8. An abused woman stranger came to me and I gave her money for plastic surgery.

9. Woman and son lost job. Was going to be evicted – I kept them in their house until she got back on her feet.

10. No one knows even a fraction of what I do quietly, so it is God driven that people come to me.

11. My house would not be for entertaining adults. Every room has trains, toys, dinosaurs in elaborate layouts for my grandchildren to play with.

12. I have a hockey rink in my yard.

13. I have a snow making machine to make snow since it is my first love as a kid – now. I am a failure if I do not have 20 feet of snow at my house in a winter, haha.

14. I love to snow ski, dog sled, play hockey and never watch TV even though I am on it – want to be active every minute.

15. I have two daughters 5 grandchildren 2 dogs and 2 cats – only the 4 legged ones live with me.

16. I grew up in Iowa, retain the simple decent qualities of the Midwest.

17. My hair is still mostly black – thank you dad.

18. I do not whine.

19. I do not blame others for anything that happens to me.

20. I see the good in everyone.

21. I’m the uncle all the nieces and nephews want to see and go on vacation with.

22. I am a good judge of character.

23. I was in the Army – helicopter unit - #1 marksman Spirit and Honor Medal

24. I graduated with degrees in college in Math, Climate, Speech

25. I have taught 6-7-8 science and math just to fill my days while working on TV.

26. I am an actor.

27. This would be my 20th season in the outdoor drama TECUMSEH this summer.

28. I am with SHADOWBOX LIVE a sketch comedy, rock and roll troupe 9 months out of the year.

29. I am in the AP Broadcast Hall of Fame.

30. I have been voted favorite television personality in Columbus since the early 1980s EVERY YEAR – Columbus Monthly.

31. I am not an egocentric person so this is a very hard list for me to do.

32. If Kathleen Bade would find time to talk to me, she would not be disappointed.

33. My reading is almost exclusively science or history related.

34. I watch for shooting stars almost every night the sky is clear.

35. A fire will mesmerize me.

36. I talk to myself all the time.

37. My favorite moment is when I fall into bed after midnight every night.

38. I believe aliens did land in Roswell, New Mexico – one cat is named Roswell, other is Drizzle.

39. I believe the next life – dimension – is right next to ours, just out of our eye vision.

40. I believe that those on the other side do give us signs if we are quiet, sensitive, aware.

41. I cry.

42. I laugh more.

43. I can relate to people down and out, I had a drug problem 25 years ago. Have walked that line.

44. I miss my father, he has been gone 10 years.

45. My 85 year old mother still teaches aerobics.

46. I am close to my family.

47. I love doughnuts.

48. I love Ovaltine.

49. I do not drink alcohol.

50. Why are a lot of my closest friends owners of restaurants?

51. I used to bowl and play softball.

52. I miss bowling and softball.

53. I could be passionate – still waiting on that one special woman – I think it is you.

54. Don’t ask me how I know – I do.

55. I do not kiss and tell.

56. I have a good relationship with me ex and her husband, they visit my house.

57. I have no enemies.

58. I go to church.

59. Duluth, Minnesota and Dubuque, Iowa are my favorite towns.

60. My TV station sends me on trips with viewers every year – my love of it is still questionable, places fantastic.

61. I spent 10 days on a working ore freighter – Edgar Speer, out of Two Harbors MN to help them understand weather/shipping.

62. I am fascinated by the Edmund Fitzgerald.

63. Superior is my favorite lake.

64. I am going to Hawaii in two months for 10 days.

65. I was in the Canadian Rockies last summer.

66. I love Austria and Switzerland and the mountains there.

67. My dog, Penny C, is a pug/chihuahia and she loves me.

68. My dog, Sammie C, is a golden retriever; he is food motivated.

69. I never date a co-worker.

70. I rarely date viewers who seek me out – not sure of their motives.

71. Like to keep some of me private.

72. I love toy trains, Lionel, every since I was little.

73. Christmas and snow make me glow.

74. I love autumn leaves and crisp air.

75. I love walking at midnight in August when crickets, cicadas, and others chirp up a loud storm.

76. Worst day of my year is day to take down the ice rink for the season.

77. Best day is putting it up.

78. I drive a Buick – does that make me old.

79. I like shuffleboard – that does make me seem old for sure.

80. I would not disappoint Kathleen Bade – she would rethink some of her list if she knew me.

81. We only see 72 days of blue skies where I live.

82. I also do forensic work when weather is involved in court cases.

83. Yes even murder trials and arson against the mob trials.

84. My name and phone number is still listed in the phone book.

85. But I have a concealed carry permit.

86. I like to grow watermelon and pumpkins – takes no effort for a big reward.

87. Howling wolf in the woods of northern Wisconsin is special.

88. I want to see a live bear in the woods sometime.

89. I have coyotes, fox, deer where I live.

90. I once killed a rattlesnake when rock climbing in the Army – no other way to not get bit – noosed it with wire.

91. Still feel bad about it, never would hurt an animal.

92. My cat Drizzle is smarter than me, and more cunning.

93. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

94. I dream of climbing Everest – would settle for Ranier.

95. I wished I knew other languages.

96. I work from noon to midnight = little social life.

97. I am not quite the man my father was still.

98. I am 62, look like I’m in my 40s, act like I am in my 20s for activity.

99. Almost last chance for Hurricane Kate to notice me.

100. Kate sometimes fleeting glimpses do tell much and do open your eyes.

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Becca said...

This is my favorite list thus far. I don't know what it is, I just like it.