Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Hundred Things .... Shawn

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

Kathleen: "Okay I have to pre-qualify something, as I laugh here, yes he saw them many years ago and has never recovered. Most men don't. They are gorgeous. [ grin ] And to your credit Shawn I happen to know you love my brains as much as you love my breasts."

1. I hate making lists
2. I hate talking about myself
3. I feel like people don't listen to me; therefore I have learned to listen because I know how it feels.
4. I think Kathleen Bade has the best looking breasts I have ever seen :P
5. I like talking to people about stuff to learn about new things
6. Blue and Green are my favorite colors
7. I don't have many friends
8. The friends I DO have I wouldn't trade the world for
9. I would take a bullet for my friends in a heartbeat
10. I HAVE taken a bullet for one friend; we served in the same unit together
11. I wish I could have become a pilot
12. Planes are a passion of mine.
13. Flying has been a part of my life since I was young.
14. If I was diagnosed with a terminal illness, I would probably go on a shooting spree over where the drug dealers hang out.
15. I hate anyone who uses the race/gender card
16. I hate women who hyphenate their name. Why should I be expected to say an extra word?
17. I hate the term African American, Latino American etc. Either you are African or American, not both
18. I like being alone because you don't get your heartbroke so easily
19. I always pick women who are bad for me
20. Country music is what I listen to because it tells a story or makes a point.
21. I can't stand poorly written music
22. I hate most Rap music
23. I like to cook
24. I like to help people
25. I have a deep dark void inside me
26. Helping people helps fill that void temporarily
27. I like to hold hands
28. If I was to choose which Xmen I would be, it would be Wolverine
29. I am a loner but hate that part about me
30. I wish I had someone in my life where I could go to when I am down or have problems
31. I have been called a Rock by people
32. I have a weakness
33. I am not going to share it because my strength lies within it being kept a secret.
34. I get exploited alot
35. I have gas alot
36. Women who burp are hot!!
37. A woman who drinks beer out of a bottle and burps is even hotter
38. I hate cats but they love me
39. My family disowned me 3 years ago
40. I am not saddened by this, it was a long time coming
41. I was treated like an outsider by both of my dad's familes when I was growing up
42. I have never cheated on a woman
43. I have never hit or grabbed a woman
44. I HAVE thrown my best friend off a second story balcony for hitting his wife.
45. I have saved a life
46. I have had days where it was literally a miracle I lived to see another day
47. I have delivered a baby or 10 in my time
48. I hate that I can't give blood anymore
49. I hate my government for losing control over reality
50. I wish I lived on the coast of Australia
51. I am thinking of a piece of Boston Cream Pie right now (and Kathleen's breasts)
52. My middle name is Erin
53. My real nickname is Amos
54. Amos was given to me by my grandfather
55. He said I was his 'little nigger baby'
56. I was to turn out to be my Grandfathers favorite
57. I have never been to jail
58. I have never failed a grade
59. I have never been to summer school
60. I have never ridden in a limo
61. I have never worn a Tux
62. I have always taken second place, never first, to people
63. My hero is named Robert E. Armbrust
64. He was a fighter pilot
65. My favorite teacher was Mr MacPherson
66. I never took a single class of his but learned so much.
67. My favorite leader was Ronald Reagan
68. I hate cranberry and grapefruit
69. Eggplant sucks too
70. For Christmas I asked for a pic of someones boobs
71. I only got a book on Shamanism for Christmas and a box of chocolates
72. The more I read about Shamanism the more I believe I am one
73. I love video games where I can craft stuff and learn about business practices
74. Playing a crafter on a video game has made me more financially responsible
75. I don't go to bars or clubs if I can help it.
76. I consider my marriage to Tracy my biggest mistake ever
77. I need a new computer
78. I spend alot of time helping others and not enough time helping me
79. I wish I had a friend with benefits that didn't mind spending time doing other stuff with me as well
80. I prefer sundresses on a woman over bikini's
81. Can't stand lingerie; tshirt and cotton panties make me weak in the knees
82. I love crablegs the best, and sushi
83. I believe in the power of the mind and body over drugs and medicine.
84. I just had my heart broke for the last time.
85. I think I want to go become a monk or a Preacher
86. If I DO become a preacher I will still have a beer and tell dirty jokes
87. I am saving up for a Harley
88. When I get that Harley I will be a drifter and travel the US and Canada
89. I am tired of not getting what I want while seeing everyone get what they want
90. I am tired of being there when people need stuff but never invited to do the fun stuff
91. I have decided to not take any crap off of anyone from now on
92. I cry after sex (mace will do that to a man)
93. I think humor is the best way to diffuse any problem or bad situation
94. I can't believe I am doing a 100 list
95. If Kathleen didn't have such great knockers I wouldn't be doing this
96. I think Kathleen is tired of me talking/thinking about her breasts
97. I hate the cold
98. I love being warm
99. I hate this disease I have
100. I don't want anyone to cry at my funeral when I die.

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