Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Suzanne's list of 100

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. I’m doing this because my best friend is a pain in the ass and feels the world needs to know more about my boring self.
2. My best friend is seldom correct.
3.Very few people know the real me.
4. I’ve been hanging out online for 7 years.
5. People tell me I come across as cold.
6. I tell them it helps me to weed out the people I don’t need around me.
7. I test people for a long time before I’ll let them get close to me.
8. To date there are only a handful of people who I consider to be my friends.
9. I married my “high school sweetheart.”
10. I married him to get out of an abusive home, I’m not in love with him.
11. I was accepted into 5 well known Colleges/Universities.
12. I burned the acceptance letters so my dad wouldn’t find them.
13. The sixth one arrived when I wasn’t home. My dad got to that one.
14. I ended up at Old Dominion University.
15. I dropped out after a few months but didn’t tell my dad.
16. I almost died from a blood clot in my leg and ended up in the hospital.
17. This was when I broke the news to dad. (He can’t kill me in the hospital, right?)
18. I wrecked my dad’s truck twice in a week when I was 18.
19. One of the times I hit a parked car.
20. I learned not to try and drive while attempting to pick up the lit cigarette I had dropped on the floor.
21. Greg is my bitch.
22. I don’t really like the beach.
23. When I was 14 a dead body washed up on the beach right next to me.
24. Now I’ll only go to the beach where the water is clear.
25. Mice will make me scream like a girl and jump up on the furniture.
26. I’ve had 23 operations since I was 18.
27. No, I didn’t have a sex change.
28. I’m extremely self conscious.
29. I’m very unsympathetic at times.
30. I can’t deal with people who whine about their lives.
31. I’m blunt.
32. I’ll be the first person to tell you to shut up, get off your lazy ass and change your life instead of crying about it.
33. I’m often quick to judge people.
34. But normally I’m right about them from the start.
35. I’m opinionated, to a fault.
36. I like things my way and I hate not getting my way.
37. Those who know me will tell you that I’m not the callous bitch I seem to be.
38. I have learned to put up walls to protect myself.
39. I rarely let them down because I get hurt too easily.
40. I was always the good girl growing up.
41. This made it easier to get away with stuff once I was a teenager.
42. I told my dad I was going to wait in line all night to buy concert tickets. Instead I spent the night in a hotel with my boyfriend.
43. I’ve had 2 real life best friends in my life.
44. The first I met when I was 10.
45. We lived next door and were always together for 7 years.
45. She was in a car accident over the summer while I was out of town.
46. I drove 10 hours to get back home. In tears the entire way
47. She died 5 minutes after I got to the hospital. At least I got to say good-bye. She was 16.
48. My other best friend died suddenly from cancer at age 30. She was 5 months pregnant.
49. I blame myself for her death.
50. I feel that I should have seen the signs that she was sick and done something to help her.
52. When I’m depressed or upset I clean.
53. I’ve won 3 writing awards and been published.
54. I really hate talking about myself.
55. I have 2 boys.
56. I named my oldest son after the guy I had a crush on all through high school but my husband doesn’t know this.
57. Fine, I’m a freak!
58. I hate slasher flicks but love
59. I love classic movies.
60. I collect Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.
61. I’m a hair band junkie.
62. In the last year or so I’ve seen Poison twice, Cinderella, Skid Row, Motley Crue,, Ratt and Veins of Jenna.
63. Mel Brooks is my idol.
64. I’m addicted to Hell’s Kitchen and Supernanny.
65. OK, and I love Trading Spaces and Flip this House.
66. My favorite color is green.
67. I find the Amish fascinating.
67. Most of the books I read are about their life and customs.
68. I love art.
69. Dali and Van Gogh are my favorites. And Munch and…..ok, I could keep going but I won’t.
70. I used to teach art classes at the local museum.
71. My parents sent me to Germany, Austria and Switzerland when I was 15.
72. I’m addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper.
73. I smoke…Marlboro light 100 menthols
74. I have a yellow lab named Daisy.
75. I lost my grandfather last September.
76. I regret being talked out of naming my youngest son after him.
77. I was involved in an online relationship for 2 years.
78. I’m really not passionate about politics.
79. But I’m extremely vocal about my views on abortion.
80. I’m a member of a few right to life societies.
81. I love to people watch and laugh.
82. I spend way too much time online.
83. I’m a smart ass. (like you didn’t already know that but I’m trying hard to come up with shit here.)
84. My favorite words are fabulous and fuck.
85. I’m a very strict parent.
86. I don’t allow myself room for error.
87. I’m hard on myself all the time.
88. It’s hard for me to not let that influence the expectations I have for my kids.
89. I love to cook
89. I have one tattoo tight now. It’s tribal art, 13 inches long down my spine.
90. Growing up I spent most of my days with my grandmother on her farm.
91. She taught me to bake bread when I was 5. And I learned the facts of life by watching cows hump while we sat on her porch.
92. I’m allergic to narcotics. Makes it hard to be a drug addict.
93. I can’t tolerate men who allow me to be in control.
94. I’ve studied many different religions and decided I’m agnostic.
95. People with no common sense annoy me.
96. Actually, most people annoy me.
97. Greg annoys me, but I love him.
98. I’m a pessimist, even my blood type is negative.
99. I’m in love, but I’m afraid it won’t last.
100. I tend to ruin relationships on purpose. It keeps people from getting too close.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Cherie

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. I used to drink Pepsi until I found I was addicted to it and when I stopped drinking it I went through horrible withdrawal symptoms...nausea….the shakes…headache… it was terrible.
2. I love the darkest chocolate you can find my favorite two candy's are dark chocolate covered espresso beans rolled in dark cocoa and dark chocolate truffles rolled in dark cocoa.
3. I can’t get through the day without coffee…lot’s of it strong and black with a little cold water or ice to cool it down.
4. The more nervous I am the more I smile.
5. My favorite sport is golf and I really am bad at playing… so bad that they won’t let me on the golf course during certain hours or days so I go to the driving range at least a couple times a week… I never get any better.
6. I am an enthusiastic fan, the kind that jumps and shouts and boo’s, I love watching my favorite teams play.
7. My favorite football teams are the 49er’s and the Raiders but if I have to choose I choose the 49er’s.
8. If I get an idea for writing while talking on the cell phone and driving… I will talk, write and drive all at one time because if I don’t write it down immediately I lose the thought within seconds.
9. I like buttermilk.
10. When my first marriage ended I felt I had disappeared and become invisible… literally like I didn’t exist any more.
11. I’ve been told I’m a great kisser.
12. I’m a terrible singer so bad that the woman who is my mom’s best friend and my business partner puts tissues in her ears at church and my daughter asks me to not sing around her or but I love to sing and it’s why I go to church, the one place they won’t ask me to stop.
13. I want to live on a houseboat.
14. I’ve been divorced…twice I’ve lived with one other man for a couple of years but wasn’t married to him.
15. I haven’t eaten meat, foul or poultry for about 10 years but I do eat fish and seafood.
16. I have 2 grown children a son and a daughter and 3 grandchildren two boys and a girl.
17. I collect pink flamingo’s, chenille bedspreads, bumble bees and bee hive honey pots.
18. My second husband kissed me goodbye one morning a few days after my father died then walked out of my life forever without a word after 16 years of marriage… I never heard from him or saw him again until last summer when I got divorce papers in the mail.
19. It made me change and was the greatest gift he ever gave me and I know it was the only way he could do it so I forgave him.
20. I learned to love again.
21. I learned to trust again.
22. I love to hold hands… with women, men, children… it’s the feeling of connection.
23. If I love someone, friends, family, anyone… I tell them every time I talk to them, you never know who needs to hear it or if you’ll ever get another chance.
24. My first husband beat me and put me in the hospital several times and I always lied to everyone about it because I was ashamed and thought it was my fault.
25. When they took me to him on a stretcher to press charges against him the last time he put me in the hospital I almost didn’t do it.
26. If I love you, I’ll love you always…yes even him…I’m like that I see the good over the bad in most people.
27. My friend who lives 2000 miles from me I spend more time talking with than the one who lives thirty miles away.
28. I won’t be controlled or try to control another ever again.
29. I love hoop earrings.
30. I spend way too much time on the phone.
31. I believe in God.
32. I have a hard time asking for what I need or want from a relationship even the simple things like a phone call.
33. I’m selfish that I take care of homeless people on the street not for them but for me because it makes me feel like I have a purpose.
34. I don’t have a quick temper but watch out once I get to that point.
35. I was a truck driver for a very short time…yes the big rigs.
36. I got married at 16 the first time it lasted 11 years.
37. I want to be married again someday.
38. None of my windows have curtains or any type of covering.
39. Mashed potatoes are my favorite food followed by macaroni and cheese then broiled Salmon.
40. I only like real butter.
41. I’m a Pisces
42. I’ve never been given diamonds, candy, jewelry or any of the other “traditional” romantic gifts from the men in my life and I didn’t care but I’ve always wanted to be loved by someone who knew I would love to have gifts that showed he really knew me nothing expensive but that book I want to read or the cd I won’t buy myself…the little things.
43. My greatest achievement is shown through my daughter’s life.
44. I saw Jimmy Hendrix in concert when I was 15 on my very first real date.
45. I hate wearing thong panties.
46. I love pretty bra’s but it’s hard to find them in my size.
47. I have several times in my life gone for 45 days without eating a bite of food.
48. I’m photogenic…I look better in my pictures than in person.
49. I’ve lived in my home for 7 months and I’m still not unpacked, because I think as soon as I make it my “home” I will have to leave it.
50. I have an amazing resume, experience and education so at one time I made a six-figure income when that was a lot for a woman but I quit so I could follow my dreams.
51. Today I make less than poverty level of income and I’m happier than I ever was with more money.
52. I’m very interested in a man I’ve never met in person and I’m afraid to meet him because deep down I believe I’m not good enough or pretty enough for him...but I’m working on that.
53. I’m normally extremely self confident in person and if I’m not you will never know it.
54. I’ve stood in front of 1000 people and given presentations, training and motivational talks and nobody ever knew I had severe stage fright, crying and scared, just minutes before I stood in front of them.
55. I’ve designed furniture that sold for thousands of dollars and decided that I won’t design for paying clients any longer, but only for those I “feel” who they are… the other way sucked my soul dry.
56. I struggle with my weight constantly and I usually lose the battle…because I’m in denial and don’t see myself as heavy as the bathroom scale or the mirrors say I am and… I like food.
57. I love taking photos of people especially from behind or when they are unaware or of children.
58. The sound of the trains that run right next to my home are soothing to me.
59. I don’t hear the trains or their whistles when I’m sleeping but I do hear if one of my grandchildren makes a peep when I’m sleeping.
60. My dream trip is to Italy.
61. When I finish writing something good I always feel I will never be able to write again and it always scares me.
62. I LOVE my life.
63. I like to touch and be touched.
64. I haven’t been kissed romantically in over 4 years.
65. Or had sex in over four years.
66. I miss both but especially the kissing part.
67. I love blue jeans the older the better.
68. I love wearing boots.
69. I have a vintage pair of converse high tops that are hot pink that I wear almost every day.
70. I act and feel much younger than fifty.
71. I hate change, I want things to stay the same until they change then I realize it’s better.
72. Writing is my biggest passion but I don’t think I am very good at it.
73. I wear Cool Water Woman perfume.
74. I like flannel pj’s.
75. I love the feeling of showering with someone I love…the soap and slippery water is incredibly sexy to me.
76. Needles, blood and people clipping toenails make me feel faint.
77. I make a killer lemon pie.
78. I put 200,000 miles in 7 years on my car driving once a month back and forth to Oklahoma from California because I was afraid of flying but I got over it a month before my daughter came home for good.
79. I signed the papers to have my tubes tied before I had my daughter and the doctor forgot to do it while he was doing the c-section and didn’t tell me….until I miscarried the resulting baby because I drank too much went horseback riding and fell off not even knowing I was pregnant.
80. I was angry for years at myself for that but I quit drinking and finally quit hating myself for it.
81. I hate to shop.
82. I love to trout fish in mountain streams and rivers.
83. I have a pierced belly button.
84. On the inside of my left ankle I have a tattoo of a dove with an olive branch to symbolize the peace I prayed for when the army sent my daughter to the DMZ in Korea.
85. My favorite vacation spot is at Pismo Beach riding the quads on the dunes.
86. I’m a lousy hostess it makes me uncomfortable to have people in my home.
87. I am good at math….I can do it in my head faster than most can do on a calculator.
88. I’m allergic to many perfumes and colognes they give me migraine headaches.
89. I love sushi, blue cheese, raw oysters and escargots.
90. I have probably only had the television on 7 times since I’ve lived here and most were for my grandkids to watch movies.
91. The first memory of what I wanted to be never changed…I always wanted nothing more than to be a loved wife and have the kind of marriage where you met him at the door with a kiss at the end of the day and read the paper together in bed while having coffee on Sunday mornings.
92. I never was.
93. My favorite movies are One Night With The King…Murphy’s Romance and Beauty and the Beast.
94. I’ve seen every episode of Gilmore Girls at least 5 times some of them many more and my favorite line is from the last one where Luke puts a big party together for Lorilei and Rory and at the end she tells him thank you and he says it was nothing, she says Luke and he says……”I just like seeing you happy”…I would love to be loved like that.
95. I love romance (yes I know big surprise there but I’m running out of things to put on here).
96. Teens are my favorite age of kids.
97. I have trouble sitting through an entire movie quietly.
98. I can write you a killer resume and cover letter that will get you the interview.
99. The name of my business was Serendipity Dreams ..I specialized in bedroom accessories and design.
100. I had fun doing this hundred things about me.

Monday, November 26, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Greg

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

  1. I’m a Virgo
  2. I am an only child
  3. My son is the only child of an only child of an only child
  4. I went to 8 different schools from K thru 12
  5. I’ve lived in 5 different states
  6. I started college in 1974 at the University of Florida, left there in 1977, started school again in 1999 and finished with my MBA in 2004
  7. My GPA for my Bachelors is 3.84
  8. I don’t think you need any degree to be smart or successful
  9. I think there are a lot idiots with degrees
  10. I used to think hard work would make you successful
  11. I realize I’m not going to make it with hard word & this personality, so far so good with experience & a graduate degree
  12. I’ve been drafting since I was 12
  13. My personality quadrant is on the exact opposite quadrant of most CEOs I know
  14. I’m good but not great at most sports, except volley ball, I’m very good at that, sand & indoor
  15. I prefer college football over pro
  16. I have been a Red Sox fan since I was 4
  17. All the major sport teams I root for have won championships in my lifetime
  18. I have been swimming since I was 3, I’m just as comfortable in water as land
  19. I love sex in the water, preferably the ocean
  20. I like different positions, but prefer sex in bed
  21. I sleep with 3 regular pillows and one body pillow
  22. I once made love to a woman 7 times in one night
  23. I’ve slept with a married woman who I wasn’t married to
  24. I prefer giving oral sex to a woman than receiving it
  25. I believe in love at 1st site
  26. I prefer long term relationships
  27. I once picked up a woman in a laundry room
  28. I don’t understand BDSM
  29. I haven’t cybered in years
  30. I’ve had phone sex
  31. I’ve met people from on line
  32. I’ve fallen in love online
  33. I have a few close, great friends here
  34. I prefer to talk to women on line, I work in construction, plenty of guys to talk to there
  35. I am a beer snob
  36. I like single malt scotch & Irish Whiskeys
  37. I love to cook
  38. My ancestors were Scots, Irish, Swedish & Norwegian
  39. I wish I were Italian at times
  40. My 1st concert was Bobby Womack & Santana
  41. I prefer the blues and jazz quartets & quintets from the 50s & 60s
  42. I can’t dance to save my life, but am willing to try
  43. I wear the same basic clothes out now as I did in high school, white button down shirt, jeans or khakis and sneakers. Add a brown corduroy jacket when it gets cold
  44. I wear boxer briefs
  45. I’ve taken most recreational drugs except heroin & crack
  46. I used to be a casual acquaintance of Jimmy Buffet when he 1st came out, got his band laid at U of Fla, been on his bus & into his sound checks. He dedicated “God’s Own Drunk” to my friends & I
  47. I don’t believe in God or heaven or hell
  48. I don’t like or trust organized religions
  49. I prefer Eastern philosophies, mainly Taoism
  50. I love long walks in woods
  51. I like riding bicycles
  52. I love pillow talk
  53. I like having champagne, a joint & finger foods on the night stand for pillow talk
  54. I love playing with a woman’s body
  55. I love kissing
  56. I love building up my friends and making them feel good, though it may sound like a line of shit at times
  57. I’ve been in trouble with women who I consider close friends, but they wanted more & I just didn’t see them that way
  58. I’ve always needed women as friends
  59. My best friend from high school is still my best friend
  60. I’ve never had an STD
  61. I’ve never had a broken bone
  62. I still have my tonsils
  63. I prefer sitting in front of a computer rather than in front of tv
  64. I read mostly dead authors
  65. When I moved, we brought over 18 boxes of books, we sold 15 before we moved
  66. I have over 400 CDs
  67. My favorite veggie is broccoli
  68. I could easily become a vegetarian, but I do appreciate a good steak
  69. I drink 3 cups of coffee a day, with light milk
  70. I eat shredded wheat with fruit for breakfast every week day
  71. I can eat garlic by the spoonful
  72. Prefer spices to bland, love hot stuff
  73. I don’t drink soft drinks
  74. I love art museums
  75. NASCAR & golf bores me
  76. Photography frustrates me, I finally have a good camera, but not the patience for it
  77. I miss my grand parents (father’s side)
  78. My parent’s divorce still bothers me after over 35 years
  79. I love my friends, but need my time alone
  80. I’ve been to Europe twice
  81. I’m happy with my age
  82. I don’t care that I’m bald
  83. I’ll never probably be under 200# again
  84. I have hazel eyes
  85. I’ve worn Lagerfeld cologne for over 25 years
  86. I prefer my hair longer but I do have a job…….
  87. I had mutton chop side burns & my hair half way down my back in high school
  88. I had a beard for 20 years
  89. I miss romance in my life
  90. I never voted for a Bush
  91. I’ve been a Republican since 1976 & I’m ashamed of my party
  92. I would move to Canada if they tried to make my son go to war
  93. I hate macho assholes who think we should keep killing because we already are
  94. I don’t think the Democrats are much better
  95. I like porn
  96. I don’t wear sandals
  97. I need to start working out again
  98. I love women in sun dresses
  99. I love spooning
I think I’m in love……….again

Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Simona

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

Yet another sink your teeth into list....

  1. This wonderful world continuously amazes me.
  2. I am an adventure addict. I live on adrenaline kicks.
  3. I get bored very fast. Is this a disease?
  4. Sex without feelings does not work for me. Better NO than sorry.
  5. I am not tempted to kill a friendship with a fuck.
  6. Once upon a time I had a one-night stand. Boy, it felt crappy…
  7. I don’t like to be touched by strangers (men). Keep your hands off my ass. You can hug me, but gently.
  8. I am faithful.
  9. God forbid if you step on my tail… I have a hot temper.
  10. I am childish in my heart. I know, this makes you dream about Lolita…
  11. You see me serious all the time. This is the mask played to perfection.
  12. I can’t fake, especially feelings.
  13. If I don’t like you, this cannot be changed. Live with it and don’t come back!
  14. If I cry, hold me. If I am upset, hold me. Don’t let me alone, even if I say so.
  15. I miss having pets. I used to kiss my cat on the ears and nose.
  16. The things come to me at the exactly right time, it does not matter how much I cry to get them before.
  17. I am not patient. I am working on it.
  18. I can’t stand liars.
  19. I don’t lie. It is time consuming. I don’t have time to remember stupid things.
  20. I have lactose intolerance. Otherwise I like milk and cheesecake. (Kate knows the joke.)
  21. If I take pills, I get even worst. Like now. Sleep cures me.
  22. My favorite colors are red and orange. I can’t stand gray and barely wear blue.
  23. I love summer and the sun.
  24. Spooning was invented for me.
  25. I eat vegetables and fruits. A lot.
  26. Most of my friends are Asian. Yes, he is Asian too.
  27. I like shy and sensible guys, like mine.
  28. I can get a high from a proper long kiss.
  29. I like changes.
  30. Tell me that something is “impossible”. You’ll see me doing it.
  31. Make me surprises. Many. Good ones.
  32. I am toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo independent.
  33. You never know where you go with me, but it is for the best.
  34. I talk dirty. A lot. Yes, I whisper too.
  35. I can be a lady AND a tramp. It depends upon the context.
  36. I am smart enough to know that simple and humble is the best way to be.
  37. I have a lot of imagination. You can get lost in my head.
  38. We do possess a wicked sense of humor. “We” = me and… myself.
  39. The day when I won’t be able to write, I’ll be dead.
  40. I gifted my fountain pen to Josh and I am happy with it.
  41. I know when to let it go.
  42. If I let you go, you’ll come back.
  43. I know I am good but I want to be better.
  44. My favorite perfume is Chanel # 5. I will wear it forever and a day.
  45. I am crazy about food and I weight 95 lbs for years.
  46. To get me (crazy), just cook for me.
  47. I love mushrooms in anything but not in ice-cream.
  48. One day the world will be mine.
  49. I am an Asian movie buff.
  50. I love airplanes and traveling.
  51. I wrote this list on my last paycheck paper in the subway.
  52. I just killed a mosquito that bit me. Sorry but I could not help it…
  53. When I was a kid, I was afraid that I am superficial.
  54. I was gifted with the writing skill. I have to take care of it.
  55. I felt like I don’t belong to Romania.
  56. I grew up in Transylvania but I am not a vampire. (That’s a lie…)
  57. Arrogant people make me step on their pride.
  58. I saw a lot of human drama, but can’t see animals suffering.
  59. Some people make me desire that we can build safer things than Sing-Sing. Politicians, mostly.
  60. I can’t deal with violence. But if you hit me, I’ll break your nose, guaranteed.
  61. I am still angry, but less and less. Yes, I read books to educate my anger.
  62. I hate plastic.
  63. I learned five languages and can speak four of them.
  64. Learning is another addiction for me.
  65. Although I long for the freedom of combing with my fingers, I don’t want to cut my hair.
  66. French men annoy me.
  67. I like architecture but I know nothing about.
  68. Best memories are things seen and smelt. Sometimes other people’s perfume drives me crazy.
  69. I pray but I don’t go to church.
  70. The only surgery I had was to remove the appendix.
  71. I don’t let people too close to my heart. Too many patches there…
  72. I still believe bad people have good parts.
  73. Good quality leather drives me crazy. Yes, shoes, bags and so on.
  74. I love butterflies.
  75. I love sex too. (This is because if you read up to here you might loose the interest.)
  76. I am a Bull and a Tiger. Don’t even ask…
  77. I hate to be ordered. Just try to do it…
  78. I have never been married. Thanks God! I would have already been divorced.
  79. High heels make me feel very sexy. So I wear them with mini skirts.
  80. I don’t watch TV.
  81. First things I see when I visit you: books, CDs, DVDs.
  82. I had “energy” healings. Before that I never believed it. Now I do.
  83. I didn’t properly cook before coming to US.
  84. I don’t remember what I speak if you call me when I sleep.
  85. Don’t disturb my sleep; I am very cranky about it.
  86. I always sleep with my cell phone on. But very few people know my number.
  87. Don’t let me see snakes.
  88. The most advanced video game I play is “Timon and Pumba” (Disney for 3 years old).
  89. I can create a very good market product from YOU. Yes, I am a public image specialist and I love to do it.
  90. The wildest place where I had sex was on a hospital bed when he was all tied there (broken foot).
  91. I can’t swim. Don’t even try to teach me. Two times I was on the point to be drowned. But I do love taking bath.
  92. I don’t drive either. I had drivers where I worked.
  93. I have mad feeling skills. You can’t cheat on me or fool me. I am spooky man!
  94. If you take me to scary movies, I crawl on you, cover my years and turn my back to the screen. I don’t know if you can deal with this.
  95. Yes, I do masturbate. Everybody does.
  96. Shopping is annoying for me, because I wear extreme small measures.
  97. My bra size does not come with the rest of the package. I don’t know why.
  98. Parents who mess up their children make me cry.
  99. I don’t cry often but when I do, better hold me and get an umbrella.
  100. I am passionate.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Miss Peggy Lu

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

  1. I love to walk, and walk fast … anywhere, on the road, in the pasture, hiking in the mountains. If I’m with a group I have to force myself to slow down.
  2. I love going barefoot.
  3. I hate talking on the telephone and everyone knows it so they only call me when absolutely necessary and they never expect me to chat.
  4. My first memory was when I was 3. It was Halloween, I opened the door saw 3 little creatures, screamed, slammed the door in their faces and refused to come out of my room for the rest of the night.
  5. The first animal I can remember having was Chi-Chi, a Pekinese. I adored her, When she had puppies she would let me sit with them. When mom got pregnant she said we had to give Chi-Chi away cause she didn’t like kids. I thought she should keep the dog and forget having kids.
  6. When I was 5 we lived near an almond orchard. I would wander alone in there When I got hungry I would climb up on a branch & crack the almonds open with my teeth. Raw almonds are still my favorite food.
  7. I don’t like sitting on furniture, you’ll always find me on the floor.
  8. I have 12 orchids and at least that many African violets.
  9. In addition to dogs & cats & horses & chickens, I’ve had a pet chipmunk, squirrel, armadillo, rats, hamsters & snakes.
  10. I have raised ladybugs, butterflies & praying mantis from eggs.
  11. My favorite job was my last one. I was a preschool teacher for a large biotech company, I spent 6 yrs. In the same classroom … The Killerwhale Rm. I taught natural science & math to 3 year olds. I taught them how to make a rocket, how to make & fly a kite and how to build a waterfall. I could hold one hell of a circle time.
  12. I am also exceptionally good at potty training and nap time.
  13. I love to read anything except “how to” manuals.
  14. I once invented my own alphabet based on the Greek alphabet and kept a diary written in it. It confounded my parents & the police.
  15. I ran away from home twice. The first time I was 14, the second time I was 15. After that I figured I’d just wait until I was 18 and leave legally.
  16. I always wanted to be 30. I figured by then I would have life all figured out. I was wrong.
  17. I like dark beer.
  18. My favorite band is The Tractors.
  19. My favorite song is Israel Kamakawiwo Ole’s version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
  20. I detest intolerant and mean people.
  21. I am fascinated by serial killers.
  22. I am writing a story about one.
  23. I attended at least 12 different schools in 12 years.
  24. I learned to touch type in the 5th grade after I broke my glasses and couldn’t see the chart at the front of the classroom.
  25. I started college when I was 43.
  26. I once wrote a paper on the Preferential Child Molester.
  27. I once wrote a paper on early brain development. It was 12 chapters long.
  28. When I was in my 20’s I trained telephone operators and dispatchers.
  29. I was once underground during an earthquake … it sounded like a boulder was rolling towards me.
  30. I remember the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, the bay bridge collapse and that we didn’t have power for 2 days.
  31. I remember the 2007 Ice Storm and that we didn’t have power for six days. It was a lot colder than the earthquake.
  32. I love being outside in a thunder storms, the wilder the better.
  33. Once my job sent me to Disney World in Florida. I had to shovel white rhino shit.
  34. I once crawled into a cage with a wild dog and scared a bunch of people to death. Me and the dog got along fine but the men made me get out.
  35. I have been nipped a few times but I have never been bitten by a dog.
  36. I love wolves.
  37. I love listening to the coyotes in my woods.
  38. I have been deer hunting and squirrel hunting. The only thing I ever shot was a squirrel.
  39. I like shooting a bow … a recurve.
  40. When I shoot a gun, I shoot left handed.
  41. I like to play pool.
  42. I have a temper … it is loud.
  43. I got my drivers license when I was 23 but didn’t start driving until I was 43.
  44. I’ve only ever had one ticket … for making a right turn on a yellow light.
  45. I cannot dance.
  46. I cannot sing either … but that doesn’t stop me.
  47. I have absolutely no sense of balance.
  48. I don’t like rides that leave the ground. They once stopped the Octopus and took me off. I’m assuming it was because I looked as terrified as I felt.
  49. I don’t like bloody movies, closing my eyes doesn’t help … even the sound effects bother me.
  50. I love full moons & starry nights.
  51. I hate cold winter winds & ice.
  52. I like sitting outside in a hot tub when it’s snowing.
  53. I like tobogganing.
  54. I like Mai-Tai’s & Margarita’s in the summer & whiskey in the winter.
  55. I have kept a diary since I was 10.
  56. I got my first horse when I was 11, his name was Tony. I still have a lock of his mane in my first diary.
  57. I am mechanically challenged. I don’t even wash my own car.
  58. I talk to my animals. It drove my sister crazy when she came to visit. She kept thinking we had company.
  59. People tell me my animals are “different.”
  60. I like older men.
  61. I don’t like being told what to do.
  62. I don’t lie cause I’m no good at it.
  63. I can’t hide my feelings.
  64. I hate to cry.
  65. I weighed 136 lbs the first time I got pregnant. I weighed 136 lbs when I went to delivery. I could look at food and throw it up.
  66. After my 2nd pregnancy I told the doc I wanted a tubal before I went home. She asked my husband. He shook his head & told her, “Do what she says. This marriage could never survive another pregnancy.” I was grumpy AND mean.
  67. I haven’t worn makeup in years.
  68. I never wear shorts no matter how hot it is. My legs are so white it would blind everyone in the county.
  69. I never wear heels. I fall off flat shoes.
  70. I’ve driven a car, a truck, a tractor, a boat, and an ATV.
  71. I don’t know how to swim but I can float and do a surface dive.
  72. I can’t see a damn thing without my glasses.
  73. I love antique shows, flea markets & garage sales.
  74. I hate going to the mall.
  75. I miss drive in movies.
  76. Churches make me cry. I usually only go inside if I can go alone.
  77. If I could live anywhere it would be in a mountain cabin in the wilderness.
  78. I have seen a forest fire.
  79. Right now I have 2 cats, 5 dogs, 8 horses, 18 chickens and 2 cows. It can change at any given moment.
  80. In the wild I have deer, turkey, coyotes, rabbits, armadillo, skunks & squirrels.
  81. I like going down in caves.
  82. I have always wanted to see a petroglyph.
  83. I love redwood trees, old oaks, willows & bald cypress trees.
  84. I believe in Bigfoot … I’ve stood in his footprint.
  85. I like strange names … my oldest daughter is named Rhiannon, my youngest has a normal name cause I let her dad name her and he said he was going to pick something he could spell.
  86. I have lived in Texas, Oklahoma & California.
  87. I have never been outside of the United States.
  88. I wish on stars.
  89. I like to fish, I don’t like killing or cleaning fish.
  90. My oldest friend is Paul, we’ve known each other since I was 16.
  91. I don’t mind getting dirty and it’s a good thing cause I get that way a lot.
  92. I like playing yahtzee & scrabble … I don’t care for monopoly … it takes too long.
  93. I like wading in streams.
  94. I like looking for rocks & crystals.
  95. I like taking pictures but I don’t like having my picture taken.
  96. My favorite colors are burgundy & dark blue … together.
  97. I love campfires, fireplace fires and watching sunlight sparkle on water.
  98. I eat oranges & lemons, my favorite part is the peel, store bought fruits have lousy peels. I won’t eat them.
  99. I don’t like to fly but I especially don’t like those little bitty commuter planes where I can see out the window of the cockpit.
  100. I want to go on one of those women only wilderness trips and see what I can do.

Friday, November 23, 2007

One Hundred Reasons To Back Away Slowly-Bernie

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

Meet Bernie. Another friend of mine from Y360.
I promise you this is a GREAT read.
Then again he's a Great man.

A couple or more of people have asked me to have a go at this 100 thing that's flying around at the moment so I thought I'd give it a go. Most of these things will be incredibly boring and some perhaps a little odd. Such is life.
It will be sure to be disjointed because I'm only going to write things out as they occur to me and in no particular order. Such is second life.
1. My waist is two inches bigger than when I left school. 30" up to 32".
2. I walk at least six miles every day.
3. I'm frightened of 'Punch and Judy' puppets.
4. Don't have a television.
5. I worked three years for Road Traffic Police.
6. Then one and a half years as a debt collector.
7. I have no tattoo's or body piercings.
8. Once I tried to swim in The English Channel. I can't swim.
9. I have a licence to drive a tank up to 45 metric tonnes but it may have expired.
10. I went through a red light in a handbrake turn at 50mph in the middle of town on a Saturday morning and skidded sideways sixty feet along the pavement (sidewalk).
11. I've lost count of the number of autopsies I've attended but it runs into hundreds.
12. Spiders terrify me. I used to keep a pellet gun so that I could shoot them at a distance. One ricoched around the room and stuck the spider to my forehead.
13. I've been fingerprinted.
14. I never have a knife on the table pointing towards me in case demonic force throws it at me. Same goes for having one behind my back.
15. I've had to sign the Official Secrets Act (twice).
16. A friend and I once crept into an Airforce base to take some photographs. We were discovered when we went into the mess in the evening for dinner (in 'borrowed' uniforms).
17. I once knocked a policeman unconscious.
18. Brought up Catholic I have been Taoist for over twenty years.
19. During one week I was offered jobs in Sweden, South Africa and Canada.
20. I've been trained to fence with both french foil and sabre.
21. A friend almost severed my right thumb with a broadsword.
22. When my postman consistently left my front gate swinging open I chased him down the road with a wooden pole.
23. I'm given to understand that when I lose my temper I look like Lee Van Cleef in a bad mood.
24. I don't do drugs.
25. At gravesides I talk to the people as though they are sitting down there listening.
26. I have a second level belt in Su-Kempo (there are only five levels).
27. I believe I can remember previous lives.
28. My detestation of decorating is exceeded only by my loathing of gardening.
29. During long operations at the hospital where I used to work I was quite happy to eat my lunch in the (unsterilised) prep room and watch the operation through the glass window.
30. While standing on the autopsy table to take a photograph I almost slipped and fell into an open chest cavity.
31. When I was seventeen my father died and I became head of, and responsible for, my household.
32. At twelve years old I tried to climb to the top of the suspension bridge over the Mersey (about two hundred feet) I lost my nerve half way up. I have vertigo now.
33. I have my Teachers Training Certificate and taught at college for fifteen years.
34. I can make three different types of explosives from everyday household items.
35. I have absolutely no body clock whatsoever.
36. Twenty one years ago I gashed my left hand up badly enough to be off work for three months, it still won't work right. It's possibly the best thing that ever happened to me.
37. I have nightmares almost every night.
38. I've been a witness in court (usually prosecution) over two hundred and fifty times but have never served on a jury.
39. The only time I tried to exercise just for the sake of it in the last twenty five years I gave myself a hernia.
40. When I was twenty four I accidentally impaled my opponent on a french foil. When I took him to casualty he had to sit sideways on a chair because the sword went in at the front and out at the back. It was so hard not to laugh.
41. I love the smell of rain in the morning.
42. My stereo system is made of wood with the various openings carved to represent gothic arches, the controls are bronze. It was a gift from a friends mother and I treasure it very much.
43. At seven years old I was almost trampled by a herd of stampeding cows. For the next twenty five years every time I ate steak I thought about that. (revenge is sweet).
44. When I was in traction there was a clear plastic bag filled with water to provide the weights. One of the surgeons put two goldfish into it so I'd have something to watch. The nurses used to feed them.
45. I've streaked.
46. I was booked to do a parachute jump for charity four years ago but couldn't do it because of number 39.
47. I've hidden on rooftops twice to avoid detection by the police, both times with somebody on my friends list.
48. When I proposed to my German friend it was by telephone at two in the morning. She said yes straight away.
49. I never drink milk.
50. Panzer was right. This is harder than you might think.
51. After two years as a photographer I became so bored with looking at naked girls I used to make excuses not to take their pictures.
52. I have more swords, war axes and spears than anybody else I know. I mostly use them for gardening.
53. In the summers when I worked at the hospital I used to climb onto the roof to eat my lunch and sunbathe.
54. During the late sixties I sometimes used to fall asleep on convenient bits of grass, parks and so forth. Once I woke up with a strange girl in my arms and never found out her name.
55. I don't believe in ghosts.
56. Lecturing at my local college I had to designate an assembly point for fire drill. I designated the pub over the road.
57. I've drunk alcohol almost every day since I was fourteen. My liver may well be bulletproof.
58. I've asked to be cremated and my ashes scattered from the old bridge into the Danube at Regensburg. They will play 'Wild Horses' by Alison Krauss at the service.
59. My ex-wife once told me that she would dance on my grave. I'm quite looking forward to that.
60. I have a Swiss Army Knife with a memory card inside for files and pictures. It also has a tiny pair of scissors so I suppose I could disarm bombs too. At least I assume I can.
61. Once I was in a trench and a tank ran over me. It made me really really muddy.
62. The only time a friend persuaded me to go on a ferris wheel it broke down while we were at the top. He rocked the carriage back and forth while I tried not to be sick. Yes, I do indeed have vertigo.
63. When I locked myself out of my house I asked the police to help me get in. It took them three quarters of an hour. All the downstairs windows were armoured glass and the solid doors had half inch bolts top and bottom. I've been called paranoid.
64. I've also been called stubborn but I like to think of it as determined.
65. I assume I can do anything I try my hand at until I'm proved wrong.
66. I once caused $5,000 worth of damage to an RAF flight simulator. See 65.
67. One evening I ran around a corner and tripped over a block of concrete and knocked myself out. When I woke up in the hospital I signed myself out and went over the road to the pub. My friends were waiting for me in there.
68. I can paint with oils and draw with charcoal but I couldn't paint myself into a corner with watercolours.
69. I have an appointment to meet one of my friends in the largest bar of the biggest city on the planet nearest to Alpha Centauri in the year 3000. I expect to be there.
70. In a rented office a friend and I decided to knock down an inconvenient wall. It was a supporting wall and the building had to be demolished.
71. At an American Civil War re-enactment I took photographs from behind a Union cannon while the Confederate cavalry charged us. It was very noisy and smokey. A Confederate infantryman almost stuck me with his bayonet by accident.
72. I can still sit in a full lotus.
73. The sight of my own blood or anybody else's doesn't upset me.
74. I've never been to a city in Germany where I couldn't find an Irish bar within an hour.
75. Yes, I do use such phrases as 'come hither poppet' and 'good oh' in real life.
76. Last year for my birthday I grew a beard and moustache as a present to myself. I looked like a nanny goat so I shaved them off again.
77. I have never, and do not now, own a pair of trainers or a baseball cap.
78. Six years ago I was knocked down by a motorcar. It doesn't hurt as much as you might think.
79. I love to fly but I'm absolutely terrified of take-off's and landings.
80. I bake my own bread and sometimes it turns out like cobblestones. I like to think of it as keeping my teeth healthy.
81. I've only had my hair trimmed once in the last three years.
82. When my youngest daughter was a baby she had a chest problem and stopped breathing. I had to give her mouth to mouth for twenty minutes until the ambulance arrived.
83. I detest unexpected visitors. All my friends know this and ring before they call around in case I won't open the door.
84. I'm extremely mistrustful of firearms. But, nobody has ever been killed by the nervous twitch of an axe finger.
85. I'd love to have one of those Greek helmets with the horsehair plume such as they wear on the film '300' but I can't think of any conceivable social occasion when I might wear it. I'd feel pretty silly sitting at the computer with it on my head.
86. Years ago I stole a flying helmet from the Air Force. I used to plug it into my sound system and use it as stereo headphones with the dark visor down. Tapped my feet a lot and nodded my head. I've only just realised how that must have looked.
87. My favourite painting is 'The Night Watch' by Rembrandt. I also like the song of the same name by King Crimson.
88. I made my fireplace out of polished antique pine and the brass rail on the top is over a hundred years old. I like old things.
89. Gregorian chanting is a type of 'music' I like very much. A highlight of a trip to Bavaria two years ago was to listen to a sung mass in a one thousand year old chapel.
90. I have a lucky Buddha on top of my PC tower to keep it safe. The only time I have PC problems is if I've taken it off for dusting or something and forget to put it back.
91. When I went to a dolphinarium there was a big sign which said 'don't put your hand in the water'. When I saw a dolphin swimming by I put my hand out to touch it, it felt like it had broken every bone in my arm. But, I got to touch a dolphin.
92. No male on my dad's side of the family has ever lived past sixty, every male on my mum's side has lived past eighty. I'll have to wait to see how that works out but I'm hoping for some sort of superadditivity where I last past one hundred and forty.
93. I probably spend more on cigarettes and alcohol than the Gross Domestic Product of Poland. One day I may give it up.
94. I feel more comfortable in a three piece suit and a tie than I do in casual clothes. My favourite sports jacket was Harris Tweed.
95. I get along better with girls than I do with blokes but I've got a fairly good idea why that is.
96. When I was setting up a computer system in a local factory I pretended that there was a basement under my office where I would relax at lunchtimes and listen to music. I was so convincing that when I arrived one morning the factory manager was in my office looking for the trapdoor.
97. Taking some advertising pictures featuring a car called a Ford 'Rattlesnake' (there were only two of them in the country) the model kept slipping off the bonnet so I told her to dig her feet in. Her stilleto's caused $2,000 worth of damage to the car.
98. My favourite books are 'The Odyssey' translated by E.V. Rieu and 'La Morte D'Arthur' by Mallory.
99. My ambition (at the moment) is to buy one of those replica Spitfire aircraft that are made in Australia and learn to fly it.
100. Now that I've finished this I'm going to celebrate with a drink and a cigarette.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Jenny

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. I am a Leo

2. I am the oldest of a whole bunch of kids

3. I hate pizza and when I must eat it I order it with light sauce

4. I am a neat freak

5. I am a NASCAR junkie and no they do more than turn left for hours

6. I lost my first child when I was 17 ,a son I named Christopher

7.I was terrified of heights when younger , but now I am all about the higher the better

8. I wrote a book about my life that was accepted to be published ...but I am a chicken to do it

9. I have had and out smarted cancer not once but twice

10. I use to always say I was going to die either in a car accident ( I am a speed demon) by cancer or a tree falling on me ( see next one for why)

11. At almost every house I have ever lived in a tree has fallen on the house

12. I love to cook

13. Blue is my favorite color

14. I am almost finished with my degree in Sociology

15. I attended Indiana University and Bobby Knight was my tour guide because he and my Dad were friends.

16. I received a full scholarship to attend IU but became homesick after the first year and transfered to Indiana University Southeast

17. I have to sleep with my feet covered even if nothing else is

18. I love and I mean I love coffee ...ask my buddy Danny!

19. I have always like older men except the time I married one younger

20. The one I married younger was annulled after a week

21. I try and walk at least 5 miles a day

22. I have over 130 pairs of shoes

23. I love fruits any kind...I could live on them!

24. I read so much that I have lost track of how many I have read

25. I love animals I just do not have any pets right now.

26. I use to tame Cocktail birds

27. I lost my husband in 2004 and went spiraling down on a path of self destruction for almost two years

28. Because of the self destruction I lost everything

29. If I could choose one million dollars or world peace peace

30. I have skinny dipped more than once

31. I love P.J.s and have a zillion of them

32. I love peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches and I could live on them

33. I do not wear contacts ..the color in pictures is the real color

34. When I was born they told my parents I would not ever walk and if I did I would be in a wheel chair by the time I was 25 ...yeah I out lasted that one!

35. I have had one knee surgery

36. When I was 16 a kid around the corner that was an arsonist burned our house down and we became close friends with his family.

37. For my dads 40th Birthday I bunged jumped twice he tried to chicken out.

38 I am addicted to the lifetime channel

39.I work on Valentines Day at one of my friend's Flower shop doing floral arrangements

40. When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut

41. I spent two years as an AmeriCorps member

42. I hate Mc Donald's

43. I once visited Costa Rica on a church missionary trip

44. I was baptized when I was 12

45. I reunited with my first love when I was 25 and spent almost 5 1/2 years with him

46. I have never cheated in any relationship

47. I am addicted to the TV show Cold Case

48. I love junk food ...the junkier the better

49. I love to write but hate to think sometimes!

50. I love Butter Pecan Ice Cream

51. I wore glasses as a kid and just got them as an adult...can you believe they said my focus muscles are shot and Yes I will post a picture of me wearing them soon.

52. I graduated with honors and my kid is too

53. I played the clarinet for 8 years and if I was to try and play it now ...Oh God!

54. I once was paid by my fellow french classmates to eat their snails...Yeah baby 2 bucks a snail

55. I learned to drive a manual shift car before I did an automatic

56. I drive with both feet

57. I have met two of my online friends in person before

58. At the age of 16 I changed and had laws enacted in my state to help regulate Foster Care.

59. I am the liaison and contact person for MRSA

60. After Danny died and I found my way again I spent hours researching the Super Bug MRSA

61. I settled with the hospital on my own without the assistance of an attorney

62. My step kids are fighting me over that money and now have it tied up in court

63. I almost dies once in a motorcycle accident

64. As A teen I was a user of any drug that would make me feel better

65. I once dated a Police Officer

66. My house was broken into when I was a kid , we had no phone and they did it by busting the patio door with an axe...scary!!

67. I love to give out candy for Halloween

68. The Kids and I are going to give part of our Christmas Day to the homeless serving dinner

69. I use to own three retail stores.

70. My ex husband is crazy...I had to throw that one in

71. I dated a crack addict for almost a year and a half

72. I allowed the said crack addict to rob me blind

73. My Mother and I did not have a good relationship when I was growing and now it is getting much better

74. I once fractured my arm while jumping on a patch of ice to knock down an icicle

75. I am not good when it comes to others getting hurt. Amber almost cut her foot in two and I freaked...she was very calm

76. I love all music except for rap

77. I love reality shows

78 I will one day compete on Amazing Race ...I just have to find a partner willing to do it with me. Any takers??

79. I am not a big fan of Doctor Phil...I am sorry but I think he is fake

80. I once got caught swimming in the baptistery in the church ( you know where people are baptized)

81. I was a tattle tale when I was a kid

82. I was on the swim team for several years

83. I almost broke the school record had cramps not got me I would have and I am not talking about leg cramps either

84.I spent 7 years in therapy

85. I am a Rape survivor

86. I am running out of things to say...Geez this is hard!

87. I love milk in my hot tea

88. I will only drink my coffee with Half and Half

89. I have road rage and now I have passed it on to Amber

90. I have spoiled the kids too much and Yes you can give them their way too much

91. I once made my sister Lisa eat cat shit. Well she would not stop following me around to play

92. My middle name is also my grandmothers middle name...Fern

93. My dad would feed me off the china when I was little and my mom hated it

94. When I was 11 I made my own flight reservations to fly to Texas to stay with my dad.

95 I arrived in Texas with one suitcase that only had an apple core and some loose paper and another suitcase with only three changes of clothes...I even switched planes in Atlanta

96. I met Henry Winkler in NY outside of Carnage Deli...he is really short

97. I love Opera

98. I love Broadway Musicals ...Cats was my favorite until I saw Phantom of the Opera

99. I love to sit by the river and think and do it for hours at a time

100. I am a survivor !!!

Ok so lets see how many of you can do the one hundred challenge!!