Friday, January 21, 2011

One Hundred Things .... Sage

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. I'm watching way too much Grey's Anatomy today.
2. When I'm upset, I tend to obsess.
3. When I obsess, I act like a crazy person.
4. I'm not really a crazy person.
5. I've eaten toast 4 times today.
6. Someday I want to be a writer
7. Someday I want to get married.
8. I want to live in an America where it's legal for me to get married.
9. Being a teenager sucks. Horribly.
10. Tonight, just like last night and the night before, I'm going to stay up too late and then complain all day tomorrow about being tired.
11.I do not like tree sap.
12. I do however like camping.
13. My favorite food is spaghetti. I could live on it for the rest of my life.
14. I hate pork. There's no reason for this, but I hate it.
15. My best friend is 19 years older than me.
16. The most perfect thing about my body would be my teeth. I never needed braces.
17. I have a stuffed plush Chlamydia microbe on my bed.
18. I'm obsessed with penguins.
19. My hair hasn't been its natural color since I was 12
20. If I could only save one thing in a fire, besides family/pets, I would save my guitar. It's my baby.
21. There is a picture of the inside of my abdomen on my bulletin board.
22. I'm allergic to Kool-Aid.
23. I have a crush on someone beautiful.
24. I'm a very messy person and when I live in a dorm next year, my roommate will probably hate me.
25. Sometimes I feel like I'm living inside a glass bubble and everyone is watching me from the outside.
26. My rabbit would commit murder in order to get his morning popcorn.
27. I hate one of my aunts.
28. I'm a very different person around my extended family.
29. My favorite number is 73.
30. Sometimes I hate having a cellphone and contemplate breaking it in half.
31. I know that I will never break my phone in half.
32. Menopause is lame.
33. I have decided that I won't delete any of the 100 things I write, even if I second guess it after I've written it.
34. I love the color yellow. It looks happy, like eggs and lemons.
35. I probably wear too much rainbow stuff
36. I miss this one person so terribly badly. And I just want to drive to their house. And I know that would be a very bad idea.
37. I love sushi.
38. I want to be part of a band.
39. Someday, I'd like to travel to Italy.
40. I don't fit in with the high schoolers, I don't fit in with the college students.
41. Someday I'd like to fit in.
42. My 7th grade biology teacher saved my life.
43. I made an entire renaissance costume.
44. I wore the costume to the ren fair and got yelled at for having exposed shoulders that weren't period, and it was awesome.
45. I start trends.
46. I love disney movies.
47. When I'm home alone, I often think that there is a creeper in my basement who wants to kill me.
48. I don't understand women who can wear high heels everyday. I think they must be superheroes.
49. Bubble gum is revolting.
50. I feel like I should be writing something deep and insightful but....that hasn't happened yet!
51. I'm in a world religions class, and I think I'm the only athiest. It makes for some interesting discussions.
52. I love when I see a character from one tv show on another and I'm like, what, what? I thought you were evil!
53. I would love to be one of those people who write songs for pop stars who can sing but can't write.
54. When I wrote "pop stars" above, I almost wrote "pop tarts." I think they are interchangeable.
55. Even though it's blue eyes that get the songs written about them, I think brown eyes are stunning.
56. I've never done drugs. I've decided I'm going to wait until I'm 90, and then I'll try whatever the teenagers are doing in the 2080s.
57. I love polka dots. On everything.
58. I quote from the movie, Mean Girls, alot
59. I'm tired. I will probably be awake for 3 more hours.
60. I get really awkward in crowds of people
61. I've never waxed my eyebrows. Or, actually anything. It sounds horrifying.
62. My favorite piece of art in the world is the sculpture The Lost Pleiad.
63. Currently my favorite song is "If You Come Over Tonight" by the band Old Lights, because this week, it describes exactly how I feel.
64. My cousin turned 4 today. She's adorable
65. I can't wait to leave the Iron Range
66. I hate to wear shoes. But if I have to wear them, I prefer my Doc Martins
67. I once covered my entire torso in duct tape.
68. I love lipgloss.
69. I listen to my car radio way too loud.
70. In 10 years, I want to be working in a museum or a library.
71. In 10 months I want to be at the University of Minnesota Morris
72. In 10 days, I hope that all of the drama of this past week will be settled, one way or another.
73. In 10 minutes, I hope that the person I'm missing will tell me something that makes me smile, instead of something that makes me frown.
74. In 10 seconds I hope to come up with a # 75
75. I hate the smell of lavender
76. I hate the sound of chip bags crinkling.
77. I feel like this is a James Bond number.
78. I love sledding down the Biwabik hill late at night, even though it is dangerous and painful, and wet.
79. I love glitter. It's like a parasite and it invades your house and it will never get off of your hair or your clothes or your bed, but its soo pretty.
80. Edward Cullen is not desirable, at all, ever, ew.
81. I make up nicknames for all of my friends, exes, and acquaintances.
82. I knit hats.
83. I'm insanely jealous of Marie Antoinette's wigs. My pink and black ones pale in comparison.
84. Someday, I will be fluent in Italian.
85. There is a bumper sticker on my white board that says "Morally Flexible."
86. I've never been drunk or been to a party. I'm so straightedge.
87. I make an exceptionally good pie crust.
88. I burn my hand on the toaster about 90% of the time. The other 10% I burn the toast.
89. I hate people who are ignorant and judgemental.
90. Bananas Foster ice cream is delicious.
91. My hair is too long to do anything with it, but I refuse to cut it.
92. If anyone makes fun of my car, I will pull over and make them walk.
93. I will fight for the things I believe in. Even if it's hard. Even if people hate me. Even if I'm on the losing side. Just because I lost, doesn't mean I was wrong.
94. Dark chocolate is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It can replace one of the others. I'm sure it's more important.
95. Last weekend I realized that if you leave tempurpedic pillows out in a cold car, they will freeze into a solid block.
96. Sometimes I give up on love. Then I usually go for a run, or watch Say Anything, or eat some disgustingly unhealthy food, and I realize that since I love all of those things, love has to exist.
97. I keep a lot of things secret from everyone.
98. I hate clothing with horizontal stripes. And I realize I only have 2 numbers left, but this is a very important fact. Horizontal stripes are hideous.
99. I need to start journaling everyday again.
100. Like any teenager, I am now going to check my text messages, check my facebook, and stay up way past my bedtime :)

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