Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Hundred Things .... Jason

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

  1. I only feel comfortable when Im in the kitchen
  2. I don't like monkeys
  3. I prefer cats over dogs
  4. I believe if one has never eaten well or loved well then one can not live well
  5. I like tattoos
  6. Love to read
  7. Want to travel more
  8. I miss Alaska
  9. I enjoy solitude
  10. Like fishing
  11. Wished I lived in the outdoors
  12. Would like to meet Marco Pierre White
  13. I like skiing
  14. Any winter activity is fine by me
  15. I like sailing and would love to so it more
  16. A perfect living situation for me would be to live on a house boat all summer and just fish
  17. Foie Gras is overrated
  18. Duck Confit is my favorite meal
  19. Le Belle Vie is the best place I have eaten at in Minneapolis (so far)
  20. I'm a Capricorn
  21. I am oddly excited by the odd
  22. I have a book on the way....hopefully the writing is better than this
  23. I like doing things that I normally don't on a daily basis
  24. I enjoy the company of a beautiful woman....whats this about your brains Kathleen? Just seeing if your paying attention ;)
  25. My favorite color is green
  26. I'm an organization freak at work
  27. Nothing at my house is organized
  28. I have a son
  29. I prefer good scotch over anything
  30. I use to draw a lot but now stick men are a challenge for me
  31. I like photography
  32. I enjoy art in all its forms
  33. I respect an honest burger more than an overly thought out dish of escargot
  34. I want to stage with Marco Pierre White at least ONCE
  35. Chocolate covered grass-hopper is AMAZING
  36. I like deep-fried Twinkies
  37. I enjoy coming home to make spam after preparing gourmet food all day
  38. I like lemon with my pepsi and rum with my coke
  39. Just looked at my walls and realized I need more art
  40. My socks don't match this morning
  41. My socks rarely match
  42. I would like to go to Thailand and try traditionally prepared cobra (it makes your wang bigger)
  43. I have camped in an igloo before
  44. was cold
  45. I tend to think outside of the box when it comes to religion or life
  46. I use to ride bulls in the rodeo (it was a phase)
  47. I have broken too many bones
  48. I like to snowboard but I broke my arm last year doing it. I guess snowboarding off of a house roof is not supposed to be done....STRANGE
  49. I enjoy cooking fresh food from what the land around me has to offer
  50. I am officially half done with this list
  51. I like camping
  52. I need a motorcycle...yes NEED one
  53. A little pissed that the last establishment I worked for closed
  54. I love the smell of a properly braised lamb chop
  55. Spherification excites me
  56. Sous Vide is the best thing since peas and carrots
  57. I like to write
  58. I want more kids
  59. I listen to classical at work and heavy metal at home
  60. I like fountains
  61. I have always wanted to build a houseboat
  62. I am eating santa's foot right now and enjoying it with coffee
  63. There should be a law concerning the sale of chocolate under a 62% rating
  64. Theres a place I know where they go hard core”
  65. I use to have 14 piercings (another phase)
  66. I still have one piercing
  67. Thinking about getting my tongue re-pierced
  68. I'm going to buy a Jeep Savannah series
  69. Avatar is my favorite movie
  70. I need more tattoos
  71. I would like to try dolphin....just once
  72. I find Egyptian mythology interesting
  73. I hate Justin Bieber
  74. I want ferrets again
  75. I wish people were more understanding of each other
  76. I need more coffee right NOW
  77. Baklava is my favorite dessert
  78. Every politician I vote for is never elected
  79. I secretly sponsor a child in the Philippines shh
  80. I believe that knowledge is not power. The ability to use knowledge is power
  81. Gastronomy is more interesting to me than cooking
  82. I should be cleaning my room but I'm making this list instead
  83. The best summer I ever had was living in a cabin 50 miles from town in the Denali National Forest
  84. Never joined the military
  85. I have much respect for those that fight for my freedom
  86. I hate small dogs
  87. Plan on taking a cruise this summer
  88. Would like to start playing guitar again
  89. I don't care what anyone says....muktuk is the worst thing I have ever eaten
  90. omg this is taking forever...8 more!
  91. Johnny Depp is the shit!
  92. I want to see Black Swan
  93. I just ate an entire chocolate santa
  94. and drank a pot of coffee
  95. Think I will watch a movie tonight
  96. oooo I should make Lobster tonight!!
  97. Boiled in a court bouillon
  98. Pressed with leeks and mire poix then sliced
  99. Finished with a nice lemon dill burre blanc...ahhhh gotta go

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