Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Hundred Things ..... Michelle

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. My star sign is Cancer
2. I love the beach, and I am about 15 mins from one.
3. I moved to Scotland from England 4 years ago, just because I loved the feeling here.
4. I am very random.
5. I am also very opinionated.
6. When I was a nurse, I could never see a person die without someone holding their hand.. In the early hours of the morning and when no relatives were present, that person was always me. I stopped counting after the 60th death, as I considered counting as being morbid.
7. During my late teenage years, I moved 11 times in 12 months, I was homeless and slept anywhere.
8. I did the above because of a very abusive mother.
9. When I was 16, I woke up one morning to find my boyfriend dead besides me, he had overdosed on heroine. I never knew he was into drugs. I have never touched any and I have a zero tolerance for users.
10. I’m a proud Mom of two amazing children.
11. I named my son after my football teams ground.
12. My daughter’s name comes from a band.
13. One of my maternal descendants was hung in the 1700’s for stealing from a church.
14. I collect books, mostly on psychology, human behaviour and other odds n sods.
15. One of my good friends at school, Marcus, called me one night, in order for me to visit him; I got distracted and never went to his place. The very same night he killed himself, I will always blame myself for that.
16. I love to study.
17. I have two cats; one is 15 years old and has been with me since before I was married, before my divorce and before my children were born. She is old and raggy but I love her.
18. I live in the middle of nowhere with views of 100 miles on a clear day, this is my little piece of heaven.
19. My ex husband announced to me he wanted a divorce on Christmas Day a few years ago.
20. I rarely watch TV, if there is something that takes my interest, I will download the whole season.
21. I believe in love though I am not sure it believes in me.
22. At 22 I was jilted on my wedding day.
23. I love history, especially Scottish History.
24. The next house project I will undertake is when my two children fly the nest and I will convert a church and build a huge library in it with leather sofas and log fires that will then be my final home.
25. It annoys me when people fail to walk the talk.
26. I have always been bi-sexual though I am becoming more and more drawn to females, basically because of my lack of trust in men.
27. I find it hard to trust.
28. I am very independent.
29. My goals are high and I will achieve them
30. The best paper I have written was based on the long term effects of cocaine on the brain and the links with early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s.
31. I am a huge fan of Paul Ekman
32. When I am low, I place all of my energy into school work and shut out the outside world.
33. I have been driving for 20 years.
34. I used to be a very competitive swimmer.
35. It’s rare for me to wear makeup.
36. I generally have bed hair.
37. On my external hard drive I have around 65,000 tunes.
38. I prefer to sleep in pitch darkness.
39. Pink Floyd is my favourite band.
40. I was introduced to country music about 5 years ago and love it.
41. My music tastes vary from one extreme to the next.
42. I drive a Land rover.
43. It’s rare for me to wear jewellery.
44. I am kick ass at scrabble.
45. I believe in reincarnation and I have been regressed.
46. I have had several out of body experiences.
47. I find decorating and gardening therapeutic, though don’t have much time to do either.
48. I am fully licensed to run any establishment which serves alcohol.
49. When I die, I want to be buried so I can feed all the bugs and insects and give Mother Nature something back.
50. I am covered in freckles.
51. I have not seen my sister for approx 20 years.
52. I wish I could dance salsa
53. One day I intend to build a studio on my field and take up photography as a hobby.
54. My desk is generally a mess.
55. I love candy canes.
56. I hate mushrooms and fish.
57. I drink less alcohol at this point in my life than at any other stage.
58. I always sleep naked as I feel that wearing anything to bed is claustrophobic.
59. I fell out with my father several years ago, and it still makes me cry, I miss him so much.
60. Several of my really close friends I have met via being on-line. They are now my family.
61. I have flown from the UK to the USA to meet someone I fell in love with on-line.
62. Sometimes I don’t make sense to others and often I confuse myself.
63. I recently had an fMRI scan and I am waiting for the results yet scared to death about what my consultant will say.
64. I love long walks, anywhere, just walking. The beach or hills or countryside or in a town.
65. My son is now 6ft 1 at 14 years old and yet such a gentle giant with a massive heart and treats the girls with so much respect.
66. I have about 4 years until I qualify in all the areas I am studying in.
67. My Favourite book is called Mutant Messages Down Under.
68. My favourite film is Green Mile though I refuse to watch it as it makes me cry too much.
69. The children and I are all Harry Potter fans.
70. I believe that Bush was involved in 9/11 and we have all been fed bullshit and a huge cover up story.
71. When I was a child, I spoke to ghosts on frequent occasions.
72. I am agnostic.
73. I play Sudoku every night in bed before going to sleep.
74. I took my son to his first concert this year, to see Snow Patrol.
75. I left home at 15 years old and never went back.
76. My parents never once took us on a vacation.
77. I have since travelled a lot of the world.
78. I recently sold my Mercedes, which I had for many years and was sad to see her go.
79. I adore Christmas time, I love buying gifts and spoiling the people I love.
80. I have no time for horror films; I prefer watching something with an actual story to the plot.
81. My youngest cat is a serial killer who catches mice on a regular basis, some I have to save, some I pick up various body parts left behind.
82. My daughter is a bigger air head than I am.
83. Fancy dress parties give me a reason to go mad, I love them.
84. The first person I had sex with was a female.
85. I drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.
86. I don’t accept ‘you can’t do...’ as an answer, tell me I can’t do it and bet your bottom dollar I will try it.
87. All of my tutors and professors said I would be excellent if I studied Law.
88. Both of my children want to go into medicine when they get older.
89. After training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, I retired as a counsellor.
90. I adore snuggling on the sofa.
91. I believe that a kiss can say so much.
92. If I let go, it means I have nothing left to give, it means all of my resources are exhausted.
93. I believe that some people should never be parents and don’t deserve the right to call themselves a mom or dad.
94. I wish I could take in orphans at Christmas.
95. I am never good enough in my own eyes, I always want to do better.
96. I often stand outside, even on freezing nights and look at the stars and get lost in the awe of the Universe and all of its beauty.
97. Animals and insects don’t scare me, people do.
98. I really enjoy the sound of silence.
99. I frequently jump on the trampoline with the children.
100. I believe I am still a kid.

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