Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Hundred Things .... Jan

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. I sucked my thumb and twirled my hair until I was out of 5th grade.
2. I didn’t care where I was or who saw. I did beat a few kids for teasing me in front of everyone. It had to be a bummer to get your butt kicked by the thumb sucking girl you were just calling a baby.
3. Everyone said I would have buck teeth. I pushed against my top teeth with my pointer finger while I sucked my thumb to stop them from pushing out… and it worked…even then I was a problem solver.
4. I still twirl my hair for comfort when I’m tired, stressed, bored or upset.
5. I wanted my ears pierced so I agreed to quit for 6 months…really was going to start again as soon as I got my ears pierced but by then the magic had left my thumb. : (
6. I have had 20/20 vision all my life. You will notice the font size is larger …my eyesight is digressing quickly.
7. I have always been surrounded by the loving support of my family. It took me awhile to grow up and realize that that ^ was a blessing incomparable.
8. I use to be jealous of my friends that had parents that let them go anywhere or do anything whenever they wanted to. I was sure they were the coolest parents. Now I know the truth.
9. I grew up in a household that we all worked very hard. There was no disrespecting our parents or not doing our chores. We earned the privileges and things we got. It was called contributing to your household and it was expected. I feel kids now would benefit from the same lessons.
10. I was spanked as a child. I can say I knew the rules and the consequences and if I chose to break them it was on me. My parents were strict but fair and I always knew I could count on them and that they loved me with all that they are.
11. I am not a liar. At least not about anything important. I am sure there are questions my dad has asked over the years that he wished he hadn’t.
12. I convinced my son at a young age that if you lie your face turns ugly…this kind of ugly only a mom can see. To this day when he tries to lie to me he looks away. : ) it is the truth, it is ugly to lie and I really could see it.
13. I once got grounded from opening the fridge for a whole week. I had to ask for someone to open it and get me something out of it. (it was summer and I was constantly standing with the door open on the fridge)
14. I always got good grades with the exception of getting a D--- in science. I was grounded for a quarter and brought it up to an A.
15. I am the oldest of 3.
16. My brother is 2 years younger than me and was my partner in “crime”.
17. We had a rule that you couldn’t tell on each other unless it was the day you committed the offence. We never broke that rule.
18. Very good rule because if we ever started we would have been grounded forever.
19. I would never let anyone beat up my brother or sister. I could beat on him but no one else.
20. My sister is 9 years younger. Thus I didn’t beat on her. I tormented her mind instead.
21. On vaccination day in kindergarten I told her they would cut her finger off and drain out her blood and then pump it back in her toe. She wouldn’t get on the bus. Lol
22. When she was getting old enough to get a pap smear and she told me she wasn’t going to get one. I told her that when she went in for a checkup the doctor would get help and duct tape her feet in the stirrups…. Before everyone gets all up in arms…think about it she was like 16 by then that is gullible. Plus she was great for constantly tattling or doing these painful things to me. Being 9 years older I couldn’t hit her back or hurt her so I F-ed with her head some. I would always tell her I was joking but she would milk it with mom and dad. lol
23. My sister is now one of my best friends.
24. My mom is also.
25. I could fly when I was younger.
26. I could fly in my dreams. All I had to do was concentrate hard enough.
27. I had reoccurring night terrors for many years.
28. I could fly away from the stuff that was coming to hurt us. The only problem was that no one else would concentrate or believe they could fly so I would have to go back and save them or die trying to.
29. I think I could still fly. But won’t leave the ones I love to do it.
30. My night terrors ended after I accepted Jesus as my savior. I trusted him to watch over me and keep me and my loved ones safe.
31. I now am an aware dreamer. I don’t have nightmares often but when I do I am aware I am dreaming. They are still scary but they don’t have the power they use to.
32. I am very competitive.
33. I love sports.
34. I was a gymnast for 6 years. Not great but solid.
35. I love working out. Prefer strength training.
36. I love music. Mostly rock, blues, some jazz, techno dance, very little rap and kick ass country but not sad country.
37. I power up by listening to it. Recharges my batteries. I always listen to it when I mow, shovel, or walk.
38. I am a fantasizer.
39. I fantasize when I work out, or mow, or shovel. It helps keep my mind off of being tired or bored with what I am doing. I can have great sex, save the day, or achieve something no one thought I could do. So if you see me push mowing and I’m grinning you know why. Lol
40. I have always been the defender of those that can’t or won’t defend themselves.
41. I am willing to take a beating to stand up for what I believe in. I will dish it out as well.
42. I have no qualms about killing to defend my family or others in need of it.
43. If you can’t respect yourself don’t expect me to.
44. I hate excuses. If you f-ed up then man up, make it right the best you can, and move on.
45. I like working at my own pace which is usually much faster than most. I prefer people just stay out of my way and let me get my chit done.
46. I choose to be happy…most of the time.
47. I am mechanically minded. I like to fix things and solve puzzles.
48. I enjoy running a chainsaw. Very therapeutic.
49. I totally have a tool fetish. Home depot or L & M are my favorite stores.
50. I really enjoy the outdoors, I like to fish, camp, hunt, not big on hiking unless I have my mp3 player.
51. I can clean most all fish and take the Y bones out of a northern pike.
52. I can back up any trailer, land and load a boat, and run the boat.
53. I prefer to let someone else run the boat cause I like to read when I fish.
54. I can shoot, gut, clean and process almost any wild game.
55. I am a total carnivore, I love red meat.
56. Seafood is my favorite. Shrimp without breading, crab legs, mussels, lobster, prawns and scallops.
57. I am a terrible speller; I constantly am looking up words in the dictionary
58. I love to play scrabble …kinda funny cause I’m a crappy speller.
59. I like eating in general. Thus I am always working on finding a balance for health and weight control.
60. I don’t do drugs…kinda fits with the control thing besides my dad scared me with warnings of flashbacks that could happen at church.
61. I don’t like the taste of alcohol in things. I would prefer to drink it straight and for years I would gag at the idea of drinking beer.
62. I have since developed a taste for dark beers. They still have to be really cold.
63. I am jealous of people who can drink wine and really enjoy it. I think they are all faking it just to make me feel socially inferior.
64. I do love bulldogs drank with a fat straw. They make me really happy.
65. I have very few inhibitions, I am comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t mind getting under someone else’s if I think they deserve it.
66. I don’t mind confrontation…actually I get off on it when I know what I am arguing over…which is most of the time. I don’t usually get in that situation if I don’t know.
67. I like power and being in control, just knowing I have it is enough, I don’t have to flaunt it or abuse it to feel important.
68. I believe our minds are an untapped resource. There is so much power there that we don’t utilize because we don’t believe or know what we are capable of.
69. I have a different mindset about pain… it’s probably the control thing but I can usually handle a lot. I like getting through it, knowing I could deal with it and keep control of myself. I have had bones set and dislocations put back without anything for the pain.
70. The reason for 64 is I hate needles and I don’t like the idea of my mind being open for the world with no control of what comes out of my mouth.
71. I am the one in the family that looks at cuts and injuries. I will clean and determine if they should go in to the ER or fix it if I can. I should have become a surgical nurse it fascinates me except for the needles thing. I could cut someone but not poke them. Lol
72. I have a knack for being able to see what would hurt someone the most. I don’t use it anymore… even if they are assholes. Just knowing is enough. There is the power part in play. Actually it’s ugly to know those things and realize how your own mind works.
73. I had severe migraines for years even as a child. Doctors then didn’t believe kids got migraines. As I got older they told me they were stress headaches and I just needed to reduce the stress in my life.
74. My grandma (dad’s side) use to tell me I must have been naughty to make God punish me that way. I believed it for a bit. That is that Catholic guilt thing for ya. Btw she really was a great grandma just a little off in some of her thinking.
75. My migraines finally ended when I got pregnant. They are triggered by flux in estrogen or progesterone. I still struggled for abit between kids and after having them. Now I just get ocular migraines. No pain just very messed up vision and some nausea from the vision stuff.
76. I have a horrible laugh reflex. The more serious something is the more out of control I can get.
77. I love men. I loved them my whole life. I can find attractive things about all of them…that is until some of them open their mouths then that can end it.
78. I have only had sex with the two men I have been married to.
79. I really like sex.
80. I like to talk about it.
81. I like to think about it.
82. It is a good thing I didn’t find out how much I liked sex until I was older because I think that number 73 would be a heck of a lot larger.
83. I met my husband online in a chat room for trucker’s wives. (My sister was a founder of the site). I was not looking for a relationship at the time but remember hearing his voice and knowing he was important to me. Scary thought when you don’t believe in that stuff. If a friend had told me this had happened to her, I would have told her to get her head examined.
84. I use to be very judgmental. I still have those tendencies but through my own experiences (refer to #84) and some of the ones I love experiences; I have learned that there is often more to the story than meets the eye. I think most people do the best they can.
85. I know there are grey areas and I’m ok with that. I can see and feel for both sides of a story. Then you have to use your faith to know where you need to stand.
86. I am an organizer. I receive more enjoyment sometimes from organizing my stuff then actually using it. Ex. Scrapbooking stuff, office supplies, spices.
87. I love to play cards of any type. Really love poker.
88. I use to shoot pool and loved to shoot league and tourneys.
89. I enjoy shooting pistols and rifles, shot guns are ok but I like rifles the most.
90. The main reason I learned to do all those “male” things is it was a way to be around them and get respect from them. Then there is the competitive thing too.
91. There is almost no joy quite like the feeling of beating a man at “his” game.
92. There is so much freedom in loving a man because you choose to, not because you need to.
93. Being stubborn has carried me over a lot of obstacles; it has also caused a lot of pain.
94. I hate being told what to do. I hate it so much that I can’t even tell myself what to do most of the time.
95. If you tell me what I need to do or order me around, I will let my true ugly self loose and probably end up hurting more than myself with my spitefulness.
96. That is not to say I am not open to suggestions, if put as such.
97. I think out loud. So in the process of a conversation I can totally change my view on something because I am thinking it out on someone. Actually hearing something out loud can really put it into context for me.
98. I am most relaxed when I am doing something. I really can’t sit and do nothing; I even have a hard time sitting and reading. I usually get up and roam then come back and read some more.
99. I miss having horses and wish I could have had them for my girls.
100. I am now worried that I have said too many “I” things.

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