Wednesday, December 22, 2010

One Hundred Things ..... Michelle ... part two

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. Quotes are very important to me, if I cannot find the right words to use, I can generally find the perfect quote, and several will crop up during this list.

2. For the past three weeks, here in Scotland we have experience a huge amount of snow. I have approx 3ft outside, which is nothing in comparison to many countries. I simply adore the snow, I never get sick of seeing it, I never tire of it, and snow is Momma nature icing her cake.

3. Cake, my favourite cake has to be carrot cake, it’s not too sticky and perfectly moist and totally scrumptious.

4. Mulled wine is scrumptious any time of the year; it’s not just for Christmas.

5. Eggnog latte is seriously heavenly.

6. Tea: Earl Grey please, Orange Blossom Earl Grey is even better, either black or with a slight splash of milk.

7. ‘A friend is someone who knows you and loves you just the same’ ~ some people never experience baring their complete soul to anyone. I am very lucky to have some very special friends who know everything about me. I have bared my soul to them, and during good times they have shared the laughter and during the bad times they have been my crutches when I have not been able to walk. It’s important to be open with at least one or two people in life, otherwise you will never gain a true insight into yourself.

8. I am blessed in this life, I have two wonderful children, a wonderful home and my heart is at peace, I have no complaints.

9. Karma is my religion.

10. I believe we live in a ‘move on’ society. People are now more willing just to move on, than sort out conflict. Conflict resolution is a skill that is a dying art, and too many people are buying into that method of thinking. There is a fine art in learning to shut your mouth and open your ears and to not see everything as an attack, but as a platform to recreate.

11. The gentle art of listening, is learning to stop building walls and defences, but learning to build bridges. By listening to others you gain a very good insight into how you are being perceived in this world.

12. Perception is reality. How some people perceive the world, you and I, is their reality. We are all different and see and perceive things differently. A major step towards higher intelligence is learning to see things from the others point of view, walk that mile in their footsteps.

13. Out of body experiences ~ has been on my mind recently. I have experience a few within my lifetime. Right now, I hypothesise that an OBE is the two self’s of the body. We have an invisible self, and the physical self. When you are experiencing an OBE, you are invisible, but you can still see the other, physical self. I am certain that when we die, this invisible self leaves the body and remains, hence why we can feel the presence of others when they have passed. They remain with us in this form.

14. One of the greatest lessons in life is learning to forgive. It’s very powerful. I see no point holding bad feeling about anyone, no matter what they have done, never allow the hurt and pain to continue. You can choose to have no association with a person, and keep them out of your life, but ‘holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, you are the one who gets burned’.

15. Anger: ‘Anybody can become angry, that is easy, but to be angry with the right person to the right degree and at the right time for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody’s power and it not easy’. Emotional intelligence is part of learning to control your emotions, learning when and where you should use them, stepping above or out of the situation. It’s fundamental that people should pay more attention to their emotional intelligence, to gain a better future for themselves and those people around them. The world would be a better place.

16. Ben & Jerry’s caramel chew chew ice-cream rawks.

17. I believe in synchronicity ~ everything happens for a reason.

18. I have realised that recently I have been drawn more and more to photography. Several of my newer friends are professional photographers, and several more have a keen interest, like me in the amazing properties of seeing through a lens. I have always dreamed of building a studio on my land next to my house... That dream is being constantly fed, and I believe that synchronicity is playing a hand by enabling me to get closer to a precious few who have mastered the art.

19. I love bumble bees. On the hunt for nectar, the strongest bees will leave the hive to go and search. When they find a source of nectar they will return to the hive and do a waggle dance to the other weaker, younger bees, which gives them the directions to the closest location of the source. This is in order for the weaker bees to survive the flight and make it back to the hive. And let’s not forget that bees really define all laws of nature in the fact that they can actually fly. They are amazing.

20. I love football... that’s soccer to the Americans. I have my favourite team which I have been supporting for many years.

21. I do understand the ‘off-side’ rule.

22. I named my son, James, after the stadium at which my favourite team played.

23. I have been honoured to meet Sir Booby Robson on several occasions, and what a guy! So warm, so gentle, just so genuine. RIP Booby, you are missed.

24. I was asked my thoughts last night on Inception. Do I think it’s possible? Oh yes. If someone can master remote viewing and combine that with mastering out of body experiences, I am certain the rest comes easy. Welcome to the real matrix.

25. My favourite bands are Snow Patrol, Coldplay and Pink Floyd. Going to a Coldplay concert is on my bucket list, the remaining two bands I have seen live.

26. My bucket list: Everyone should have one, adding different experiences onto it and also ticking off ones you achieved. My bucket list is now pretty small, mostly full of countries I will visit, I have been fortunate enough to tick off and remove many items which were on the list beforehand.

27. Strictly Come Dancing, A British TV show where celebrities compete each week, learning dances and gradually get voted off the show until one winning couple is left. Learning to really dance is on my bucket list.

28. My favourite song right now is Secret Garden by Bruce Springstein.

29. Seeing him live is also on my bucket list.

30. Rugby: what a sport... I really love rugby, seeing all of that testosterone on a field; it does something to me... Really lights my fire.

31. Last year my son broke his wrist playing rugby, even with a broken wrist he continued playing, managed to score a try, was taken down in another tackle, to which then the pain became too much. After the game he went to his friends for a sleep over, ignoring his wrist, and when I collected him the next morning, he showed his wrist to me, and I then took him to A&E. My brave little soldier. It was funny seeing him beg the consultant to remove his cast in order for him to get back on the pitch.

32. As soon as his cast was removed he was back playing.... And I was trying to wrap him up in cotton wall... I could not watch.

33. My wee man, my son, James. A gentle giant, 6ft 2 at 14 years old.

34. My little princess, Alisha, born with her head in the clouds, and it’s still there now. She is such a space head, and so beautiful with it.

35. James’ dream is to become a neuro surgeon, and I am certain he will achieve this dream. Alisha either wants to become a psychologist and follow in my footsteps or go into psycharitry. I know they will both succeed.

36. I changed ships. It’s never too late to change ships. I spent many career years being in management, hotels and pubs. I then trained as a counsellor, nlp, hypnosis, and life coaching and now psychology. I am building my castles in the skies and working towards my goals.

37. I am a book worm. It’s actually rare to find me watching TV. I spend most of my time with my head shoved in a book. I always have several books on the go at once, it’s weird... I can read 3 or 4 books in the same space. I get to the stage where I want some time to digest all the information I have absorbed in one book, and I achieve this by reading another book, and so forth... Right now I have added audio books into the juggle, as there are times when my eyes get tired of the written word, so I then listen instead.

38. Courage: I believe in facing the fears and doing it anyway. Our brains are like elastic bands, once they have been stretched, taken from their comfort zone, pushed and expanded, they never return to their original shape or size. It’s only when we are out of our comfort zone, can we expand so much in such little time. It’s good to push yourself into achieving what you or others thought was not possible of yourself.

39. If I did not believe in the above, I would never have gone to Australia. I have a fear of flying, and to go to Oz was having to take three flights on my own.... It was not easy, panic attacks, hyperventilating etc, but I did it and wow the memories for doing it. My elastic band was seriously stretched.

40. Having flown so many times, countless of countries etc. I am still not good at flying, but I refuse to allow the fear to hold me back.

41. Ancestry is very interesting, I have now traced back my genealogy to the 1700’s, with some fascinating results. I am struggling with finding details of my Grandmother who was born in Canada, but I will continue to search.

42. My grandfather served in the Navy during the Second World War. Serving in rescue operations to Russia and Canada. Whilst in Russia a young lady feel in love with him, I have her photos and her love letters. When serving in Canada, he met my grandmother, who then moved to England, and they married.

43. My grandparents were amazing people, I miss them so much.

44. I have always been drawn to water. I am a very strong swimmer, and still swim frequently. I love the beach, lochs and lakes. Maybe it’s the Cancerian in me, I don’t know, but water soothes my soul.

45. Shells, my namesake.... Each one is uniquely different, so individual and the design is simple yet complex. They hold a rare beauty.

46. Double chocolate mocha... I am beginning to think my tummy is ruled by indulging in wonderful drinks.

47. Scottish shortbread, there is no other shortbread that tastes quite the same, the delicate richness that melts in the mouth.

48. Pringles ~ Once you pop, you just cant stop!! BBQ flavour please

49. Dexter ~ pure brilliance... you can’t help wishing that there was a real Dexter.

50. Deep breath, half way.

51. Lie to me, an excellent portrayal by Tim Roth, based on Paul Ekman’s theories. A fantastic show, which only actually tells half of the story, but the scripts are beginning to include more of the psychology behind the micro expressions.

52. Grey’s anatomy has one of the most incredible sources of quotations. In the closing scenes, the narrative is always amazing.

53. Boston legal ~ Is simply pure brilliance.... You cant get better than this.

54. I’m waving not drowning

55. Ownership of issues. If someone has an issue with you, it’s really their issue, not yours, you can’t own it. But you can learn from it.

56. Children and childhood. Our children only have a short period in their lifetime, to which we call a childhood. This time flies past and it’s our responsibility to fill that period with as much love we can muster and as many memories we can pack in. This will stay with them for the rest of their lives. To build a strong house, you need good foundations.

57. I remember sitting with my father doing jigsaw puzzles. Those memories are so vibrant and warming to my soul. I loved that time together and I will never forget it.

58. I used to go camping all the time, and loved every moment of being the big outdoors. Neither of my children are keen on camping, which I feel that just maybe they might be missing out on a wonderful experience.

59. I believe I am wealthy, not in the financial sense, but wealth in the heart. I am surrounding by loving people, friends who are family. People you can bare you soul to. My heart is full.

60. I feel that we should all give something back to nature. I planted an apple tree in summer, which was a gift. The tree is growing well and gives life in so many ways. Hopefully within a few years it will produce fruit, not only to feed the children and myself but also to feed the insects and birds.

61. At the end of each year, I always take time to reflect. Looking back at the lessons I have learned, what have I achieved, what I did not achieve. Where I am in regards to my goals, looking back, planning ahead. And one thing I have learned, on any given year, you really do not know how much your life will change for the following year. Some things can be set in stone and so many others are totally unpredicatable.

62. Recently I had a fMRI scan, and the radiographer allowed me into the viewing library after the scan to explore my own brain on the computer. I cannot explain how amazing this experience was. Having recently finished my neurology course and having so much biological insight into the bran and its functions, I was in awe.

63. Im still waiting for the results for the above.

64. As this year comes to an end, I am half way through my psychology degree, which is a huge achievement based on the statistics of a 60% drop out rate. Onwards and upwards.

65. My favourite drive is from here to Loch Ness, driving through mountains and national parks and then up to the deepest loch. Ness is stunningly beautfil with a magical mystical feeling about her.

66. Rome is one of the most amazing places to visit. If you get the chance go.

67. The Great Barrier Reef is also totally amazing, put that on your bucket list as well.

68. Marriage is not on my bucket list.

69. My next building project will be to find a church by a loch or the sea and convert this into a home. Once my children have flown the nest, this house will be too big for me. I will downsize, by building my final resting place.

70. ‘I am not afraid of my storms, for I have learned to sail my ship’ Learn your emotions and you have life pretty worked out. It’s all about emotional intelligence and taking control of your head and your heart. Knowing a day is only 24 hours long and we all get them. A day bad is not a bad year.

71. People will come in and out of your life. They will always leave their footprints, some you prefer to be in stone so they never wash away. Some you would prefer to be in sand so they would vanish with a rising tide.

72. I believe in unconditional love. No boundaries, no terms and conditions attached, to love free and whole heartedly.

73. My landrover kicks ass in snow

74. I would love to snowboard or learn to ski, this is on my bucket list.

75. I am prone to dancing around the house and singing like no one is watching or listening.. much to the laughter of my children telling me to grow up before i grab hold of one of them and swing them into a waltz with me.

76. ¾ of the way there, it’s harder to do the second time around as you try to exclude everything from the first one

77. Anthony Hopkins is my favourite actor.

78. Though i do not watch much TV, I can get addicted to certain series, which I will buy the dvd box sets and have a lazy day watching every episode.

79. I call my children the Hobbits, its a fond expression. And our house is the Shire, we have dust bunnies who we fight wars with and demented sheep that like to attack now and then.

80. The demented cat is attacking the Christmas tree right now.

81. The same cat is called Gizmo, from the Gremilins. She has two personalities, one is cute and adorable, snugly, cuddly and loving. The other is her Psycho self, in which she is a serious serial killer.... The mice have been warned, she is an amazing hunter and brings presents often.

82. Which leads me to a memory of a mouse she once caught, it was alive when she brought it into the house, I chased her, she dropped the mouse, i managed to shut her in a room, and then Alisha called me, the mouse had stopped in its tracks, Alisha then said, ‘oh mommy, it’s now stopped breathing, it’s dead, throw it in the bin’ I still chuckle.

83. My children have warped senses of humour, I guess they would never be normal having a mom like me. I love their humour, they are quick and smart and hilarious.

84. In our house, if you are moody there is a saying ‘Change your attitude, your current one sucks’ it normally works.

85. Every night, we eat at the table. No TV, no music, no phones. Just the three of us enganging in conversation. Its our quality time.

86. In the car we all do karaoke. James is the dj on the ipod, and we sing our hearts out. Our car journeys are always quality time together, there is never a dull moment.

87. Debates are always a keen topic at the dinner table. I encourage the Hobbits to bring in a subject that we can all debate about. I believe this increases everyones understanding, knowledge and stretches the elastic bands. Topics can be politics, gay adoption, the death penalty etc, normally heavy subjects.

88. I still tuck the Hobbits in at night, and kiss them goodnight. I think I will still be doing that when they are adults

89. Have you noticed yet how random I am ;)

90. 10 more to go

91. I am now wondering if all of these luxury drinks are responsible for my healthy curves.

92. My favourite Christmas song is Fairy Tale of New York....

93. I buy myself Christmas presents and wrap them and write from Santa, this is because I have no close family and the children enjoy seeing me open gifts as well on Christmas day.

94. I am a sucker for history and art, hence why Rome was so amazing.

95. When i was young, my father always called me Fred.

96. I was in the brownies and the Girl Guides.

97. Lord Baiden Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts is buried in a graveyard next to the Hobbits school.

98. If i could give everyone a gift, it would be the feeling that is within my heart, of beauty, peace, calm and perfect karma. This feeling is amazing.

99. I still remain friends with a few people from my childhood. I love our history, we have lived through each others eyes at times.

100. And so the end. I wish you all peace, love and harmony in your lives.

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