Thursday, November 22, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Jenny

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. I am a Leo

2. I am the oldest of a whole bunch of kids

3. I hate pizza and when I must eat it I order it with light sauce

4. I am a neat freak

5. I am a NASCAR junkie and no they do more than turn left for hours

6. I lost my first child when I was 17 ,a son I named Christopher

7.I was terrified of heights when younger , but now I am all about the higher the better

8. I wrote a book about my life that was accepted to be published ...but I am a chicken to do it

9. I have had and out smarted cancer not once but twice

10. I use to always say I was going to die either in a car accident ( I am a speed demon) by cancer or a tree falling on me ( see next one for why)

11. At almost every house I have ever lived in a tree has fallen on the house

12. I love to cook

13. Blue is my favorite color

14. I am almost finished with my degree in Sociology

15. I attended Indiana University and Bobby Knight was my tour guide because he and my Dad were friends.

16. I received a full scholarship to attend IU but became homesick after the first year and transfered to Indiana University Southeast

17. I have to sleep with my feet covered even if nothing else is

18. I love and I mean I love coffee ...ask my buddy Danny!

19. I have always like older men except the time I married one younger

20. The one I married younger was annulled after a week

21. I try and walk at least 5 miles a day

22. I have over 130 pairs of shoes

23. I love fruits any kind...I could live on them!

24. I read so much that I have lost track of how many I have read

25. I love animals I just do not have any pets right now.

26. I use to tame Cocktail birds

27. I lost my husband in 2004 and went spiraling down on a path of self destruction for almost two years

28. Because of the self destruction I lost everything

29. If I could choose one million dollars or world peace peace

30. I have skinny dipped more than once

31. I love P.J.s and have a zillion of them

32. I love peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches and I could live on them

33. I do not wear contacts ..the color in pictures is the real color

34. When I was born they told my parents I would not ever walk and if I did I would be in a wheel chair by the time I was 25 ...yeah I out lasted that one!

35. I have had one knee surgery

36. When I was 16 a kid around the corner that was an arsonist burned our house down and we became close friends with his family.

37. For my dads 40th Birthday I bunged jumped twice he tried to chicken out.

38 I am addicted to the lifetime channel

39.I work on Valentines Day at one of my friend's Flower shop doing floral arrangements

40. When I was little I wanted to be an astronaut

41. I spent two years as an AmeriCorps member

42. I hate Mc Donald's

43. I once visited Costa Rica on a church missionary trip

44. I was baptized when I was 12

45. I reunited with my first love when I was 25 and spent almost 5 1/2 years with him

46. I have never cheated in any relationship

47. I am addicted to the TV show Cold Case

48. I love junk food ...the junkier the better

49. I love to write but hate to think sometimes!

50. I love Butter Pecan Ice Cream

51. I wore glasses as a kid and just got them as an adult...can you believe they said my focus muscles are shot and Yes I will post a picture of me wearing them soon.

52. I graduated with honors and my kid is too

53. I played the clarinet for 8 years and if I was to try and play it now ...Oh God!

54. I once was paid by my fellow french classmates to eat their snails...Yeah baby 2 bucks a snail

55. I learned to drive a manual shift car before I did an automatic

56. I drive with both feet

57. I have met two of my online friends in person before

58. At the age of 16 I changed and had laws enacted in my state to help regulate Foster Care.

59. I am the liaison and contact person for MRSA

60. After Danny died and I found my way again I spent hours researching the Super Bug MRSA

61. I settled with the hospital on my own without the assistance of an attorney

62. My step kids are fighting me over that money and now have it tied up in court

63. I almost dies once in a motorcycle accident

64. As A teen I was a user of any drug that would make me feel better

65. I once dated a Police Officer

66. My house was broken into when I was a kid , we had no phone and they did it by busting the patio door with an axe...scary!!

67. I love to give out candy for Halloween

68. The Kids and I are going to give part of our Christmas Day to the homeless serving dinner

69. I use to own three retail stores.

70. My ex husband is crazy...I had to throw that one in

71. I dated a crack addict for almost a year and a half

72. I allowed the said crack addict to rob me blind

73. My Mother and I did not have a good relationship when I was growing and now it is getting much better

74. I once fractured my arm while jumping on a patch of ice to knock down an icicle

75. I am not good when it comes to others getting hurt. Amber almost cut her foot in two and I freaked...she was very calm

76. I love all music except for rap

77. I love reality shows

78 I will one day compete on Amazing Race ...I just have to find a partner willing to do it with me. Any takers??

79. I am not a big fan of Doctor Phil...I am sorry but I think he is fake

80. I once got caught swimming in the baptistery in the church ( you know where people are baptized)

81. I was a tattle tale when I was a kid

82. I was on the swim team for several years

83. I almost broke the school record had cramps not got me I would have and I am not talking about leg cramps either

84.I spent 7 years in therapy

85. I am a Rape survivor

86. I am running out of things to say...Geez this is hard!

87. I love milk in my hot tea

88. I will only drink my coffee with Half and Half

89. I have road rage and now I have passed it on to Amber

90. I have spoiled the kids too much and Yes you can give them their way too much

91. I once made my sister Lisa eat cat shit. Well she would not stop following me around to play

92. My middle name is also my grandmothers middle name...Fern

93. My dad would feed me off the china when I was little and my mom hated it

94. When I was 11 I made my own flight reservations to fly to Texas to stay with my dad.

95 I arrived in Texas with one suitcase that only had an apple core and some loose paper and another suitcase with only three changes of clothes...I even switched planes in Atlanta

96. I met Henry Winkler in NY outside of Carnage Deli...he is really short

97. I love Opera

98. I love Broadway Musicals ...Cats was my favorite until I saw Phantom of the Opera

99. I love to sit by the river and think and do it for hours at a time

100. I am a survivor !!!

Ok so lets see how many of you can do the one hundred challenge!!


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