Sunday, November 25, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Simona

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

Yet another sink your teeth into list....

  1. This wonderful world continuously amazes me.
  2. I am an adventure addict. I live on adrenaline kicks.
  3. I get bored very fast. Is this a disease?
  4. Sex without feelings does not work for me. Better NO than sorry.
  5. I am not tempted to kill a friendship with a fuck.
  6. Once upon a time I had a one-night stand. Boy, it felt crappy…
  7. I don’t like to be touched by strangers (men). Keep your hands off my ass. You can hug me, but gently.
  8. I am faithful.
  9. God forbid if you step on my tail… I have a hot temper.
  10. I am childish in my heart. I know, this makes you dream about Lolita…
  11. You see me serious all the time. This is the mask played to perfection.
  12. I can’t fake, especially feelings.
  13. If I don’t like you, this cannot be changed. Live with it and don’t come back!
  14. If I cry, hold me. If I am upset, hold me. Don’t let me alone, even if I say so.
  15. I miss having pets. I used to kiss my cat on the ears and nose.
  16. The things come to me at the exactly right time, it does not matter how much I cry to get them before.
  17. I am not patient. I am working on it.
  18. I can’t stand liars.
  19. I don’t lie. It is time consuming. I don’t have time to remember stupid things.
  20. I have lactose intolerance. Otherwise I like milk and cheesecake. (Kate knows the joke.)
  21. If I take pills, I get even worst. Like now. Sleep cures me.
  22. My favorite colors are red and orange. I can’t stand gray and barely wear blue.
  23. I love summer and the sun.
  24. Spooning was invented for me.
  25. I eat vegetables and fruits. A lot.
  26. Most of my friends are Asian. Yes, he is Asian too.
  27. I like shy and sensible guys, like mine.
  28. I can get a high from a proper long kiss.
  29. I like changes.
  30. Tell me that something is “impossible”. You’ll see me doing it.
  31. Make me surprises. Many. Good ones.
  32. I am toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo independent.
  33. You never know where you go with me, but it is for the best.
  34. I talk dirty. A lot. Yes, I whisper too.
  35. I can be a lady AND a tramp. It depends upon the context.
  36. I am smart enough to know that simple and humble is the best way to be.
  37. I have a lot of imagination. You can get lost in my head.
  38. We do possess a wicked sense of humor. “We” = me and… myself.
  39. The day when I won’t be able to write, I’ll be dead.
  40. I gifted my fountain pen to Josh and I am happy with it.
  41. I know when to let it go.
  42. If I let you go, you’ll come back.
  43. I know I am good but I want to be better.
  44. My favorite perfume is Chanel # 5. I will wear it forever and a day.
  45. I am crazy about food and I weight 95 lbs for years.
  46. To get me (crazy), just cook for me.
  47. I love mushrooms in anything but not in ice-cream.
  48. One day the world will be mine.
  49. I am an Asian movie buff.
  50. I love airplanes and traveling.
  51. I wrote this list on my last paycheck paper in the subway.
  52. I just killed a mosquito that bit me. Sorry but I could not help it…
  53. When I was a kid, I was afraid that I am superficial.
  54. I was gifted with the writing skill. I have to take care of it.
  55. I felt like I don’t belong to Romania.
  56. I grew up in Transylvania but I am not a vampire. (That’s a lie…)
  57. Arrogant people make me step on their pride.
  58. I saw a lot of human drama, but can’t see animals suffering.
  59. Some people make me desire that we can build safer things than Sing-Sing. Politicians, mostly.
  60. I can’t deal with violence. But if you hit me, I’ll break your nose, guaranteed.
  61. I am still angry, but less and less. Yes, I read books to educate my anger.
  62. I hate plastic.
  63. I learned five languages and can speak four of them.
  64. Learning is another addiction for me.
  65. Although I long for the freedom of combing with my fingers, I don’t want to cut my hair.
  66. French men annoy me.
  67. I like architecture but I know nothing about.
  68. Best memories are things seen and smelt. Sometimes other people’s perfume drives me crazy.
  69. I pray but I don’t go to church.
  70. The only surgery I had was to remove the appendix.
  71. I don’t let people too close to my heart. Too many patches there…
  72. I still believe bad people have good parts.
  73. Good quality leather drives me crazy. Yes, shoes, bags and so on.
  74. I love butterflies.
  75. I love sex too. (This is because if you read up to here you might loose the interest.)
  76. I am a Bull and a Tiger. Don’t even ask…
  77. I hate to be ordered. Just try to do it…
  78. I have never been married. Thanks God! I would have already been divorced.
  79. High heels make me feel very sexy. So I wear them with mini skirts.
  80. I don’t watch TV.
  81. First things I see when I visit you: books, CDs, DVDs.
  82. I had “energy” healings. Before that I never believed it. Now I do.
  83. I didn’t properly cook before coming to US.
  84. I don’t remember what I speak if you call me when I sleep.
  85. Don’t disturb my sleep; I am very cranky about it.
  86. I always sleep with my cell phone on. But very few people know my number.
  87. Don’t let me see snakes.
  88. The most advanced video game I play is “Timon and Pumba” (Disney for 3 years old).
  89. I can create a very good market product from YOU. Yes, I am a public image specialist and I love to do it.
  90. The wildest place where I had sex was on a hospital bed when he was all tied there (broken foot).
  91. I can’t swim. Don’t even try to teach me. Two times I was on the point to be drowned. But I do love taking bath.
  92. I don’t drive either. I had drivers where I worked.
  93. I have mad feeling skills. You can’t cheat on me or fool me. I am spooky man!
  94. If you take me to scary movies, I crawl on you, cover my years and turn my back to the screen. I don’t know if you can deal with this.
  95. Yes, I do masturbate. Everybody does.
  96. Shopping is annoying for me, because I wear extreme small measures.
  97. My bra size does not come with the rest of the package. I don’t know why.
  98. Parents who mess up their children make me cry.
  99. I don’t cry often but when I do, better hold me and get an umbrella.
  100. I am passionate.


S.R.S. said...

Can I comment on my own list? I think I can...
Overall is not bad, although I could easily add another hundred.
I remember writing this list in the subway, with a red ink pen, on the back of my paycheck...


TheWannabeGourmet said...


AND....babygirl if you want to do another hundred go a head. I was thinking I could too. Maybe this time leave sex out of mine. HA!

If you do another I will want to post it. just so you know! grinnin