Tuesday, November 27, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Cherie

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

1. I used to drink Pepsi until I found I was addicted to it and when I stopped drinking it I went through horrible withdrawal symptoms...nausea….the shakes…headache… it was terrible.
2. I love the darkest chocolate you can find my favorite two candy's are dark chocolate covered espresso beans rolled in dark cocoa and dark chocolate truffles rolled in dark cocoa.
3. I can’t get through the day without coffee…lot’s of it strong and black with a little cold water or ice to cool it down.
4. The more nervous I am the more I smile.
5. My favorite sport is golf and I really am bad at playing… so bad that they won’t let me on the golf course during certain hours or days so I go to the driving range at least a couple times a week… I never get any better.
6. I am an enthusiastic fan, the kind that jumps and shouts and boo’s, I love watching my favorite teams play.
7. My favorite football teams are the 49er’s and the Raiders but if I have to choose I choose the 49er’s.
8. If I get an idea for writing while talking on the cell phone and driving… I will talk, write and drive all at one time because if I don’t write it down immediately I lose the thought within seconds.
9. I like buttermilk.
10. When my first marriage ended I felt I had disappeared and become invisible… literally like I didn’t exist any more.
11. I’ve been told I’m a great kisser.
12. I’m a terrible singer so bad that the woman who is my mom’s best friend and my business partner puts tissues in her ears at church and my daughter asks me to not sing around her or but I love to sing and it’s why I go to church, the one place they won’t ask me to stop.
13. I want to live on a houseboat.
14. I’ve been divorced…twice I’ve lived with one other man for a couple of years but wasn’t married to him.
15. I haven’t eaten meat, foul or poultry for about 10 years but I do eat fish and seafood.
16. I have 2 grown children a son and a daughter and 3 grandchildren two boys and a girl.
17. I collect pink flamingo’s, chenille bedspreads, bumble bees and bee hive honey pots.
18. My second husband kissed me goodbye one morning a few days after my father died then walked out of my life forever without a word after 16 years of marriage… I never heard from him or saw him again until last summer when I got divorce papers in the mail.
19. It made me change and was the greatest gift he ever gave me and I know it was the only way he could do it so I forgave him.
20. I learned to love again.
21. I learned to trust again.
22. I love to hold hands… with women, men, children… it’s the feeling of connection.
23. If I love someone, friends, family, anyone… I tell them every time I talk to them, you never know who needs to hear it or if you’ll ever get another chance.
24. My first husband beat me and put me in the hospital several times and I always lied to everyone about it because I was ashamed and thought it was my fault.
25. When they took me to him on a stretcher to press charges against him the last time he put me in the hospital I almost didn’t do it.
26. If I love you, I’ll love you always…yes even him…I’m like that I see the good over the bad in most people.
27. My friend who lives 2000 miles from me I spend more time talking with than the one who lives thirty miles away.
28. I won’t be controlled or try to control another ever again.
29. I love hoop earrings.
30. I spend way too much time on the phone.
31. I believe in God.
32. I have a hard time asking for what I need or want from a relationship even the simple things like a phone call.
33. I’m selfish that I take care of homeless people on the street not for them but for me because it makes me feel like I have a purpose.
34. I don’t have a quick temper but watch out once I get to that point.
35. I was a truck driver for a very short time…yes the big rigs.
36. I got married at 16 the first time it lasted 11 years.
37. I want to be married again someday.
38. None of my windows have curtains or any type of covering.
39. Mashed potatoes are my favorite food followed by macaroni and cheese then broiled Salmon.
40. I only like real butter.
41. I’m a Pisces
42. I’ve never been given diamonds, candy, jewelry or any of the other “traditional” romantic gifts from the men in my life and I didn’t care but I’ve always wanted to be loved by someone who knew I would love to have gifts that showed he really knew me nothing expensive but that book I want to read or the cd I won’t buy myself…the little things.
43. My greatest achievement is shown through my daughter’s life.
44. I saw Jimmy Hendrix in concert when I was 15 on my very first real date.
45. I hate wearing thong panties.
46. I love pretty bra’s but it’s hard to find them in my size.
47. I have several times in my life gone for 45 days without eating a bite of food.
48. I’m photogenic…I look better in my pictures than in person.
49. I’ve lived in my home for 7 months and I’m still not unpacked, because I think as soon as I make it my “home” I will have to leave it.
50. I have an amazing resume, experience and education so at one time I made a six-figure income when that was a lot for a woman but I quit so I could follow my dreams.
51. Today I make less than poverty level of income and I’m happier than I ever was with more money.
52. I’m very interested in a man I’ve never met in person and I’m afraid to meet him because deep down I believe I’m not good enough or pretty enough for him...but I’m working on that.
53. I’m normally extremely self confident in person and if I’m not you will never know it.
54. I’ve stood in front of 1000 people and given presentations, training and motivational talks and nobody ever knew I had severe stage fright, crying and scared, just minutes before I stood in front of them.
55. I’ve designed furniture that sold for thousands of dollars and decided that I won’t design for paying clients any longer, but only for those I “feel” who they are… the other way sucked my soul dry.
56. I struggle with my weight constantly and I usually lose the battle…because I’m in denial and don’t see myself as heavy as the bathroom scale or the mirrors say I am and… I like food.
57. I love taking photos of people especially from behind or when they are unaware or of children.
58. The sound of the trains that run right next to my home are soothing to me.
59. I don’t hear the trains or their whistles when I’m sleeping but I do hear if one of my grandchildren makes a peep when I’m sleeping.
60. My dream trip is to Italy.
61. When I finish writing something good I always feel I will never be able to write again and it always scares me.
62. I LOVE my life.
63. I like to touch and be touched.
64. I haven’t been kissed romantically in over 4 years.
65. Or had sex in over four years.
66. I miss both but especially the kissing part.
67. I love blue jeans the older the better.
68. I love wearing boots.
69. I have a vintage pair of converse high tops that are hot pink that I wear almost every day.
70. I act and feel much younger than fifty.
71. I hate change, I want things to stay the same until they change then I realize it’s better.
72. Writing is my biggest passion but I don’t think I am very good at it.
73. I wear Cool Water Woman perfume.
74. I like flannel pj’s.
75. I love the feeling of showering with someone I love…the soap and slippery water is incredibly sexy to me.
76. Needles, blood and people clipping toenails make me feel faint.
77. I make a killer lemon pie.
78. I put 200,000 miles in 7 years on my car driving once a month back and forth to Oklahoma from California because I was afraid of flying but I got over it a month before my daughter came home for good.
79. I signed the papers to have my tubes tied before I had my daughter and the doctor forgot to do it while he was doing the c-section and didn’t tell me….until I miscarried the resulting baby because I drank too much went horseback riding and fell off not even knowing I was pregnant.
80. I was angry for years at myself for that but I quit drinking and finally quit hating myself for it.
81. I hate to shop.
82. I love to trout fish in mountain streams and rivers.
83. I have a pierced belly button.
84. On the inside of my left ankle I have a tattoo of a dove with an olive branch to symbolize the peace I prayed for when the army sent my daughter to the DMZ in Korea.
85. My favorite vacation spot is at Pismo Beach riding the quads on the dunes.
86. I’m a lousy hostess it makes me uncomfortable to have people in my home.
87. I am good at math….I can do it in my head faster than most can do on a calculator.
88. I’m allergic to many perfumes and colognes they give me migraine headaches.
89. I love sushi, blue cheese, raw oysters and escargots.
90. I have probably only had the television on 7 times since I’ve lived here and most were for my grandkids to watch movies.
91. The first memory of what I wanted to be never changed…I always wanted nothing more than to be a loved wife and have the kind of marriage where you met him at the door with a kiss at the end of the day and read the paper together in bed while having coffee on Sunday mornings.
92. I never was.
93. My favorite movies are One Night With The King…Murphy’s Romance and Beauty and the Beast.
94. I’ve seen every episode of Gilmore Girls at least 5 times some of them many more and my favorite line is from the last one where Luke puts a big party together for Lorilei and Rory and at the end she tells him thank you and he says it was nothing, she says Luke and he says……”I just like seeing you happy”…I would love to be loved like that.
95. I love romance (yes I know big surprise there but I’m running out of things to put on here).
96. Teens are my favorite age of kids.
97. I have trouble sitting through an entire movie quietly.
98. I can write you a killer resume and cover letter that will get you the interview.
99. The name of my business was Serendipity Dreams ..I specialized in bedroom accessories and design.
100. I had fun doing this hundred things about me.


s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Kathleen said...

really! that I didn't know? now I gotta ask...


S.R.S. said...

I was thinking to gift her my favorite chocolate: dark chocolate covered espresso beans... Soon I will meet her there in Cali...