Monday, November 26, 2007

One Hundred Things .... Greg

A collection of lists. Take the challenge. 100 things about yourself. Streaming flow of consciousness, as personal or as general as you care to make it...but make it count. You might learn something about yourself and I promise it's better than 20 questions!

  1. I’m a Virgo
  2. I am an only child
  3. My son is the only child of an only child of an only child
  4. I went to 8 different schools from K thru 12
  5. I’ve lived in 5 different states
  6. I started college in 1974 at the University of Florida, left there in 1977, started school again in 1999 and finished with my MBA in 2004
  7. My GPA for my Bachelors is 3.84
  8. I don’t think you need any degree to be smart or successful
  9. I think there are a lot idiots with degrees
  10. I used to think hard work would make you successful
  11. I realize I’m not going to make it with hard word & this personality, so far so good with experience & a graduate degree
  12. I’ve been drafting since I was 12
  13. My personality quadrant is on the exact opposite quadrant of most CEOs I know
  14. I’m good but not great at most sports, except volley ball, I’m very good at that, sand & indoor
  15. I prefer college football over pro
  16. I have been a Red Sox fan since I was 4
  17. All the major sport teams I root for have won championships in my lifetime
  18. I have been swimming since I was 3, I’m just as comfortable in water as land
  19. I love sex in the water, preferably the ocean
  20. I like different positions, but prefer sex in bed
  21. I sleep with 3 regular pillows and one body pillow
  22. I once made love to a woman 7 times in one night
  23. I’ve slept with a married woman who I wasn’t married to
  24. I prefer giving oral sex to a woman than receiving it
  25. I believe in love at 1st site
  26. I prefer long term relationships
  27. I once picked up a woman in a laundry room
  28. I don’t understand BDSM
  29. I haven’t cybered in years
  30. I’ve had phone sex
  31. I’ve met people from on line
  32. I’ve fallen in love online
  33. I have a few close, great friends here
  34. I prefer to talk to women on line, I work in construction, plenty of guys to talk to there
  35. I am a beer snob
  36. I like single malt scotch & Irish Whiskeys
  37. I love to cook
  38. My ancestors were Scots, Irish, Swedish & Norwegian
  39. I wish I were Italian at times
  40. My 1st concert was Bobby Womack & Santana
  41. I prefer the blues and jazz quartets & quintets from the 50s & 60s
  42. I can’t dance to save my life, but am willing to try
  43. I wear the same basic clothes out now as I did in high school, white button down shirt, jeans or khakis and sneakers. Add a brown corduroy jacket when it gets cold
  44. I wear boxer briefs
  45. I’ve taken most recreational drugs except heroin & crack
  46. I used to be a casual acquaintance of Jimmy Buffet when he 1st came out, got his band laid at U of Fla, been on his bus & into his sound checks. He dedicated “God’s Own Drunk” to my friends & I
  47. I don’t believe in God or heaven or hell
  48. I don’t like or trust organized religions
  49. I prefer Eastern philosophies, mainly Taoism
  50. I love long walks in woods
  51. I like riding bicycles
  52. I love pillow talk
  53. I like having champagne, a joint & finger foods on the night stand for pillow talk
  54. I love playing with a woman’s body
  55. I love kissing
  56. I love building up my friends and making them feel good, though it may sound like a line of shit at times
  57. I’ve been in trouble with women who I consider close friends, but they wanted more & I just didn’t see them that way
  58. I’ve always needed women as friends
  59. My best friend from high school is still my best friend
  60. I’ve never had an STD
  61. I’ve never had a broken bone
  62. I still have my tonsils
  63. I prefer sitting in front of a computer rather than in front of tv
  64. I read mostly dead authors
  65. When I moved, we brought over 18 boxes of books, we sold 15 before we moved
  66. I have over 400 CDs
  67. My favorite veggie is broccoli
  68. I could easily become a vegetarian, but I do appreciate a good steak
  69. I drink 3 cups of coffee a day, with light milk
  70. I eat shredded wheat with fruit for breakfast every week day
  71. I can eat garlic by the spoonful
  72. Prefer spices to bland, love hot stuff
  73. I don’t drink soft drinks
  74. I love art museums
  75. NASCAR & golf bores me
  76. Photography frustrates me, I finally have a good camera, but not the patience for it
  77. I miss my grand parents (father’s side)
  78. My parent’s divorce still bothers me after over 35 years
  79. I love my friends, but need my time alone
  80. I’ve been to Europe twice
  81. I’m happy with my age
  82. I don’t care that I’m bald
  83. I’ll never probably be under 200# again
  84. I have hazel eyes
  85. I’ve worn Lagerfeld cologne for over 25 years
  86. I prefer my hair longer but I do have a job…….
  87. I had mutton chop side burns & my hair half way down my back in high school
  88. I had a beard for 20 years
  89. I miss romance in my life
  90. I never voted for a Bush
  91. I’ve been a Republican since 1976 & I’m ashamed of my party
  92. I would move to Canada if they tried to make my son go to war
  93. I hate macho assholes who think we should keep killing because we already are
  94. I don’t think the Democrats are much better
  95. I like porn
  96. I don’t wear sandals
  97. I need to start working out again
  98. I love women in sun dresses
  99. I love spooning
I think I’m in love……….again

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S.R.S. said...

Just when I thought I finally found someone to play volleyball with, I remembered that Greggy is somewhere over 6 feet tall. So, no chance for me to play with him. I am 5.1"...